Georgiy Knabe

Picture of Georgiy Knabe

Date of Birth: 08/20/1920

Age: 91

Place of birth: Kokand

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Moscow State University (1943) in "foreign languages ??and foreign literature." Candidate of Philology (1956), Doctor of Historical Sciences (1983, dissertation topic: "Cornelius Tacitus and socio-political contradictions of the early principality of Rome"), Professor (1985). Member of the Russian Academy of Arts studies.

In 1945-1946 he worked at the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages.

In 1946-1949 - in foreign language courses Mosgorono.

In 1949-1956 - in the city of Kursk Pedagogical Institute.

In 1956-1961 - the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

In 1961-1990 - All-Union State Institute of Cinematography.

In 1990-1992 - the Moscow State University.

Since 1992 - Senior Researcher, Institute of Humanitarian Studies of higher Russian State Humanitarian University (Russian State Humanitarian University). The author of the course "History of World Culture (non-Western culture, European culture)" and "Russian Antiquity: The content, the role and fate of the ancient culture of the population in Russia").

Areas of research - culture and history of Ancient Rome; ancient heritage in Russian culture, ie the reception of ancient culture (especially Roman) in Russia; semiotics of culture (mostly modern).

Vice-president of the Russian Association of antiquity,. Member of the International Journal of the classical tradition of the Editorial Board (International Journal of the Classical Tradition). Member of the International Bureau publication "Corpus of antique vases