Georgiy Gabrichevskiy

Picture of Georgiy Gabrichevskiy

Date of Birth: 1860

Age: 47

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Gabrichevsky, George Norbertovich (1860 - March 23, 1907) - Russian. physician, one of the founders of the national microbiology. In 1886 he graduated from Moscow. Univ. In 1888 he defended his doctoral diss. "On the excitability of muscle" and was promoted to assistant professor. In 1889-91 he worked in the laboratories of Mechnikov, Robert Koch, E. Roux, Paul Ehrlich. From 1892 he began to read in Moskov. University are the first in Russia systematic. bacteriology course for students and doctors. There`s also organized a bacteriological. lab grown subsequently bacteriological. Inst (1895), to-rum was later named after him. Bas. G. Work devoted to the study of scarlet fever, diphtheria, relapsing fever, malaria, plague and general issues bakteriologii.Ego repeatedly reprinted guide honey. Bacteriology served in a handbook in Russian for many years. doctors. G. developed the theory, according to a swarm of scarlet fever pathogen is Streptococcus, and offered proper profilaktich. vaccine from killed streptococci isolated from blood of a sick person. However, NF Filatov the first time in Russia has successfully applied the serum treatment of diphtheria. He proved that relapsing fever spirochetes are destroyed by the body`s extracellular dissolution. On the issue of the fight against malaria, the first in Russia advocated the theory of malaria mosquitoes. 1899 - one of the most prominent figures of the Pirogov doctors on the islands (1904 - pre.); malarial created and headed a commission when an island, organized three scientific expeditions to study malaria and combat, wrote and published on the issue brochures to the public. Op .: A Guide to Clinical Bacteriology, St. Petersburg, 1893; Bacterium coli commune and its role in human disease, "Medical Review", 1894 t 41, number 11, pages 1087-1102..; About the preparation and application antidifteriynoy serum, in the same 1895, ie 43, number 2, pages 170-179..; Grounds serotherapy recurrent fever, "Russian archive of pathology, clinical medicine and bacteriology", 1896 m 2.; Bacteriology of bubonic plague, the same; About the bactericidal properties of blood during recurrent fever, ibid, 1899, 7:.; Bacteriology in diphtheria, in the same place, in 1900, ie 9.; Streptococcal vaccines and their use in scarlet fever, "Russian Doctor", 1905, number 30; Scarlet fever vaccine and the question of the specificity of scarlet fever streptococcus, ibid, 1906, number 16; Bubonic plague and measures of struggle against it, M., 1904; . On the role of insects in the spread of infectious diseases, in the book .: Proceedings of the IX Congress of the Pirogov, t 1, P. 1904; Medical bacteriology, 4th ed., M., 1909. Lit .: Milenushkin Yu, founder of Medical Microbiology in Moscow. On the 40th anniversary of the death of GN Gabrichevskogo, "Nature", 1948, number 8; Zlatogor AS, GN Gabrichevsky, "Medical business", 1926, number 9; Beresten NM, GN Gabrichevsky, "Russian Doctor", 1907, number 15.