George Wells Beadle

Picture of George Wells Beadle

Date of Birth: 10/22/1903

Age: 85

Place of birth: Wahoo (Nebraska).

Citizenship: United States


Beadle, George Wells (Beadle, George Wells) (1903-1989), American geneticist, was awarded in 1958 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Prize (together with E.Teytemom and Dzh.Lederbergom) for the study of the foundations of heredity in microorganisms. Born October 22, 1903 in Wahoo (pcs. Of Nebraska). He graduated from the University of Nebraska (1926) and Kornellskiyuniversitet (1931). In 1931-1936 he taught biology at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and doing research in the laboratory T.Morgana. In 1935 he taught at the University of Paris, in 1936-1937 - at Harvard University. In 1937-1946 - Professor at Stanford University, in 1946-1961 - Kaliforniyskogotehnologicheskogo Institute in 1961-1968 - President of the University of Chicago.

Major works are devoted Beadle of Cytology and Genetics. Using as a model systems corn, fruit fly Drosophila and molds Neurospora, Biddle studied the nature and function of genes. In 1944, together with E.Teytemom I put forward the concept of "one gene - odinferment", whereby the gene determines the synthesis of a specific enzyme. That is the conclusion, scientists have come, exploring Neurospora mutant forms that have lost the ability to synthesize vitamins of group B. They were able to prove that the defect has a genetic nature. Biddle died in Pomona (Calif.) June 9, 1989.