George Vancouver

Picture of George Vancouver

Date of Birth: 06/22/1758

Age: 39

Place of birth: The Netherlands

Citizenship: United Kingdom


From cabin boy to captain

Life of Captain George Vancouver was full of adventures, as it is written many books and articles, but understand that it was for the people, it is possible even from a short episode of his life. Ship James Cook tried

to get to the South Pole, in the dark, what lies ahead is a huge continent covered by ice cap. When the storm, cold and ice floes made it impossible for promotion and was ordered to turn back, the ship`s cabin boy, risking his life, climbed to the very end of the ship`s bowsprit. Why did he do it? George Vancouver said later that he was closer to the South Pole than anyone else on earth ... perseverance, the ability to find an unusual solution in every situation - that`s what distinguishes Vancouver. George Vancouver was born in England in 1757 in the family of a customs inspector. Maybe it was a little family and zhin naval officer George posed to let difficult, but a guaranteed career. Become an officer, much less a captain in those days it was not easy. Marine service began with 14 years, and in order to take the exam at the lieutenant had to stay in the sea for at least six years. Six years from home, fighting with storms, scurvy, savages with distant islands ... George was lucky - he was hit by the beginning of the Great Captain James Cook, whose team and made his first trip, and having been in New Zealand, and Tahiti , Kamchatka, Alaska and Hawaii finally ... That George Vancouver at the risk of his own life body ruled Cook chipped Hawaiian savage, and betrayed the remains of ocean waters ... After completion of the sad voyage, Vancouver brought to the Caribbean, already as a military officer, and then he was appointed captain of the