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Who founded the newspaper service?

Adams founded a newspaper service (or a newspaper syndicate) their name, `George Matthew Adams Newspaper Service`, which is 50 years of comic books produced and led a column in newspapers. His own works successfully to place newspaper `Gettysburg Times` and many others.others.

George Matthew Adams, born August 23, 1878 in Saline, Michigan (Saline, Michigan).

His newspaper office, initially bearing the name `Adams Newspaper Service`, earned in 1907. Newspaper syndicate was located in Manhattan (Manhattan). Once in 1908-m Adams met in Chicago (Chicago) with the publisher of the newspaper `Emporia Gazette` William Allen White (William Allen White), he hired White writing on political topics.

Adams somehow cut from `Emporia Gazette` lyric poetry of Walt Mason (Walt Mason) and said : ` I like this material. I would like to sell it for publication in other gazety`. In this White replied : ` Of course. Uncle Walt Pay $ 18 a week, and it will bring you to the delight limit that delaet`. Adams agreed to the terms proposed to him, and Mason column titled `Rippling Rhythms` instantly found success. In the end, Mason`s salary jumped to a level of $ 15 thousand. Per year.

In 1910Adams `s selling popular work of Dr. Frank Crane (Frank Crane) under the name `Four Minute Essays`. When Crane found another publisher, competitor Adams, Adams had written under the inspiration of several small essay is shuttled from one city to another, selling newspapers. By 1950, Crane and his works were almost consigned to oblivion ,and a short uplifting newspaper column Adams still appeared on the pages of 100 newspapers and later his work has been collected in a series of books.

The name `Adams Newspaper Service` was replaced by ` George Matthew Adams Newspaper Service` in 1916. By that time, George started to publish comics in various publications ,including comics `Cap Stubbs and Tippie` Damme Edwina (Edwina Dumm) and ` Minute Movies` Uilena Ed (Ed Wheelan). Newspaper syndicate distributed the cartoons, accompanied by jokes, notations, at simple poems and all that was in the spirit of the Adams. In addition to the cartoons on the sports theme ,created Lenkom Leonard (Lank Leonard), Adams used illustrations Johnny Gruelle (Johnny Gruelle) with indispensable image of the legendary man Reggedi Enna (Raggedy Ann) from 1934 to 1938 - th. The uplifting poems Reggedi always stood for honesty, integrity, kindness and thrift. The brainchild of Adams reached its peak in the 1920s and 1930s, followed by the founder and his newspaper syndicate gradually damped out. After George`s death in 1962, his remaining articles, achievements and other kind of materials were purchased `Washington Star Syndicate`.

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