George Lazenby

Picture of George Lazenby

Date of Birth: 09/05/1939

Age: 77

Citizenship: Australia


Searching for a new actor for the role of Bond began in 1968 when Sean Connery abandoned his role. Lazenby won back the role of Bond in the film "In the service of Her Majesty", although it had no previous experience, but to participate in a television commercial, where he was very popular due to the transfer of the "Great Fried Chocolate". Lazenby was one of the contenders for the role of Bond, John Richarson, Anthony Rogers, Robert Campbell and Hans Vries, but it Lazenby got the part through the sample with a scene of struggle.

There were a lot of conflicts in Lazenby had a strained relationship with the director PiteromHantom and Bond Girl star Diana Rig. Today he admits that made a bad decision refusing to star in the next series of the film. And Connery returned in the next film. However, the film with the participation of Lazenby is considered by the majority of fans are among the best in the series Bond.

In the early 70-ies Lazenby worked in Hong Kong and was going to make a film with Bruce Lee before the sudden death of the actor. Several years ago, after a long break, during which he was only interested in racing cars, he returned to work. He often took part in the events of fans of James Bond.