George Iii

Picture of George Iii

Age: 28

Citizenship: Georgia


George III was the youngest son of Demetre I - at the time of his accession in 1156, the son of his older brother David V Prince Demetre (Demna) was a minor. During the reign of George III broke out a fierce struggle for the Armenian lands. King has repeatedly held Ani the ancient Armenian capital Dvin, but the final accession to the Georgian kingdom was at his daughter - Queen Tamar.

The Rise of 1177

In 1177 against George III broke a major uprising. Prince Demna (Demeter) was trying to take the throne and supported him in this test - amirspasalar (Chief of the troops) Georgia Ioane Orbeli. The rebels joined most of the lords of the eastern and southern Georgia, dissatisfied with the strengthening of royal power. The rebels intend to capture a prisoner who is in the country of the king, but did not achieve the goal. George returned to Tbilisi and began to gather around him of his supporters. One of the first to the king was the commander of the Polovtsian army Kubasar 500 voinov.V suppression of the uprising George III helped Shirvanshah Akhsitan I.Nesmotrya army that large military force (about 30 thousand people) was concentrated in the hands of the rebels, they hesitated, hoping on external support. They even sent envoys to Muslim rulers, and began to wait for help from them. Meanwhile, George took the initiative in their own hands and attacked the rebels. At the first clash the ranks of the rebels wavered between them there was a split, with the result that some of them went over to the tsarya.Tsarevich Demna and Ioane Orbeli locked in the fortress Lori. King laid siege to the fortress, after which the rebels were forced to surrender to the king. George brutally cracked down on the rebels. Prince Demna was executed. The same fate befell Ioane Orbeli. Nearly the whole race Orbeli was destroyed, survived only those who were outside of Georgia, and who managed to escape.

sopravleniya period with her daughter

After the uprising the king appointed to high positions devoted himself people. In George III had no sons, and after his death the throne was to join his daughter Tamara. In order to avoid difficulties in the future, King George decided to build his daughter on the throne even in his lifetime. In 1178, he was crowned its king as his co-ruler. Since then, father and daughter ruled the country together. In the same year, at the initiative of George III and the Tamar it convened a meeting at which it was decided to impose the death penalty for thieves and bandits, as frequent robbery and theft in the country. special service "thieves seekers" has been created. Past events have not failed to affect: the number of robberies and theft has decreased dramatically.

In 1184, George III died. He was buried in Gelati Monastery.


He was married to Princess Burduhan, the daughter of the king of the Ossetian Huda, in this marriage were born

Tamar, Queen of Georgia

Rusudan, Princess

At King George it was also natural daughter, unknown by name, who was married to Prince Muzaffar-ed-Din, the grandson of Sultan Erzurum.