George Ignatius Brizan

Picture of George Ignatius Brizan

Date of Birth: 10/31/1942

Age: 69

Place of birth: St. David

Citizenship: Grenada


Get educated in the fields of education, economics and history at the University of the West Indies, the University of Calgary (Bachelor of Humanities and Arts, Master of Arts in History and Economics) and Carleton University (Master in International Economic Relations).

In 1963-1984 gg. He worked in the public service in Grenada, especially in the field of education. There was a high school teacher and vice-rector of the Institute of Advanced Training, is currently TA Marryshow Community College. Then he worked as the Director of Education (Chief Education Officer) to the line ministry.

the end of the 1960s. - To the Government of Grenada,

1970. - Was one of the founders of New Jewel Movement, after the government otavki lectured on the history of the island, which were very popular among the students,

since 1984 - three-term elected member of the House of Representatives, originally from the New National Party, 1984-1987. - Minister in the government,

1987 - one of osnovateleypartii National Democratic Congress (NDC), and its first chairman,

Of 1990-1992. - Minister of Finance,

Of 1992-1995. - Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Industry, and Energy Production. As the head of the agricultural department, he was very popular among the workers in the industry, developed a program of cultivation of nutmeg.

1995 - Prime Minister of Grenada, at the same time the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Security, agriculture and human resources. His office has been criticized for carrying out stringent measures in the economy due to growing external debt and reduce economic aid from the United States and a decrease rentab ty in agriculture after the fall in world prices for nutmeg. In the same year his party suffered defeat in the elections, came to power opposition New National Party.

1999 - CIT due intraparty disagreements lose all seats in parliament, Brizan for health reasons retires from politics, remaining an expert on the development of the country.