George I

Picture of George I

Age: 13

Citizenship: Georgia


George I was born in the year 998, or, according to a later version of the Georgian chronicles, in 1002. After the death of his father Bagrat III, he inherited the kingdom of Abkhazia, Kartli and Kakheti, united into the Georgian state Sakartvelo. Like its predecessor, George I held the title of King of the Abkhazians and Georgians.

Since the king was young, higher nobility considered that can operate independently. Thus, the eastern region of Kakheti and Hereti broke away from Georgian government led Kvirike III the Great, also seized part of Arran. George I was forced to go into an alliance with him, not being able to recover the data field under his own power.

The war with the Byzantine Empire

The main political and military events during the reign of George I was a war with Byzantium. Start of conflict put more David III of Tao uprising against the emperor Basil II, in which after the death of David III of Tao-Klarjeti and neighboring lands had to move back to the Byzantine Empire. Successor David - Bagrat III - failed to prevent this return. In 1015-1016 years of George I took Tao Klarjeti, entered into an alliance with the Fatimid Caliph Al-Hakim, whose actions forced Basil II to refrain from immediate response to the Georgian attack.

Byzantium war was occupied at this time with the West Bulgarian kingdom, that connected her power in the west. However, after al-Hakim`s death, when Bulgaria has already been conquered by Basil II sent his troops against Georgia (1021). Which lasted for two years, the war ended with the victory of Byzantium and the world, the terms of which were not only Georgia`s renunciation of claims to Tao Klarjeti, but also in some south-western region of the Georgian state. In addition, the three-year son of George I, Bagrat, has become hostage to the emperor Basil II for two years (to 1025). Subsequently, Constantine VIII wanted to bring it back to Constantinople, but he refused. All this, together with uncovered a plot organized archon Vaspurakan when the alleged involvement of George I, worsened the Byzantine-Georgian relations.

George I did not have time to take revenge for the defeat, as suddenly died in Trialeti August 16, 1027. He was buried in the temple of Bagrat kutaiskom.


George I was married twice:

on the Armenian Princess Mary, daughter of the king of Vaspurakan Senekerima Artsruni, in this marriage were born:

King Bagrat IV of Georgia (1027-1072)

Guranduht, princess, was married to an Armenian prince Smbat Bagratuni, son of David, king I Tashir-Dzoraget kingdom

Kata, princess, was married to Abbas I Bagratuni king of Kars (984-1029)

Martha princess.

second marriage was married to Alanko Alde, who bore him a son Demeter, with whom, after the death of George I lived in Anakopii and which in 1032 after an abortive uprising against his half-brother, surrendered the city to the Byzantines.