George Franklin Getty

Picture of George Franklin Getty

Date of Birth: 10/17/1855

Age: 74

Place of Birth: Maryland

Citizenship: United States


He was born October 17, 1855 in Maryland (Maryland). In 1884, 29-year-old George Franklin Getty settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota), where he opened a law practice, specializing in insurance and corporate law. It is well settled in the city, which is called the `capital Ameriki` flour.

In 1890, his first child, a daughter, died during an epidemic of typhoid fever that plagues the city. In 1892 the family had a second child, a son named Jean Paul Getty (Jean Paul Getty).

In 1904 the Getty moved from Minnesota to Oklahoma (Oklahoma), where George began his career as an independent oilman. For two years, he made a fortune, thanks to its oil company `Minnehoma Oil Company` and moved with his family to Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California).

In 1913, George loaned his son, who was then 21 years, money that Jean Paul wanted to invest in oil wells. By 1915, Jean Paul made his first million, and next year, George and Jean Paul registered corporation `GettyOil Company`, later turned into a` Getty Oil`.

George never liked the lifestyle of his son, who is married, then divorced, and once and for all he tried to retire and lead a life of California Playboy (though this did not prevent him from returning to the company a couple of years free life, and make a huge state, remaining at the helm until the end of life). Perhaps, therefore, dying, he left the family business under the sole control of his son. George died on May 31, 1930, a 75-year life. He left his fortune in the form of a controlling stake in the family business `George F. Getty, Inc.`, the value of which ranged from 10 to 15 million dollars, his wife Sarah (Sarah Getty), although the company`s president was Jean Paul Getty.

Jean Paul named his eldest son after his father - George Franklin Getty II (George Franklin Getty II). He was one of the leaders in the `Getty Oil` and died in 1973. His residence, the Getty House (Getty House), he donated to the city, and since then the Getty House became the official residence of the mayor of Los Angeles (Los Angeles).