George Buckinghem

Picture of George Buckinghem

Date of Birth: 08/28/1592

Age: 35

Place of birth: Bruksbi

Citizenship: United Kingdom


The widow also soon married to Sir Thomas Compton, ugly dwarf, however, rich and with no memory in love with Mary. Last for the money and intrigued shamelessly traded their charms. The most faithful helper in her affairs was Dr. Lam - astrologer, magician, the seller of beauty and a love of drugs and poisons, which supplied the great ladies who wanted to get rid of annoying men. Mary was also familiar with many fortune-tellers, who predicted that her son George Villiers bright future.

Mary from childhood inspired his son, that handsome, with refined, graceful manners at the court of King James I can make a career without much difficulty. Jacob I loved the beautiful young men ... Finally one day, Mary sent sons - George and John, accompanied by a servant in the capital of England.

The handsome, an excellent dancer, a great rider and a talented actor, George drew the general attention of secular young ladies. He did not spare money on expensive suits and appear at the balls in all the splendor of its charm, like a pearl in an expensive frame.

The national theater, University of Cambridge Villiers played the female lead. There he drew the attention of King James, was awarded one of the performances of his presence. Presentation was a success, the actors repeatedly summoned to the scene. Jacob, captivated by the beauty George Villiers, met a young man, then patted his cheek.

A few days later, George was knighted, chamberlain of the royal court with the content of 1,000 pounds per year. All enemies and envious of Karl became his friends; nobles sought its location ... Even the unfortunate prisoner of Sir Walter Raleigh wrote him flattering letters from prison, and gave advice to the Chancellor Bacon as a native son. Dr. Lam has won at favorite position astrologer. Four years later, Villiers, generously awarded estates, lucrative places, rent, orders had already been Viscount, Count, Marquis: subsequently, the Duke of Buckingham, and in practice - the King of England and Scotland!

Not content with the bounties of Jacob, George Villiers sold the place and the royal favor for bribes, which took with him and his mother. In his petition, Sir Walter Raleigh was released on March 17, 1617, during which a former prisoner of temporary worker paid ? 1,200 sterling. Huge d engi at that time! During the reign of Charles England was hostile relations with Spain; with the accession of Villiers they became friendly.

Mary Mother of a powerful Villers (the third husband lady Compton) betrothed his rich bride Katherine Manners, daughter of Earl Rutland. Her father at first did not agree to the marriage, because Catherine was a Catholic, and Villers - Protestant; but the temporary worker, deceived bride, persuaded her father not only agree to the wedding, but also the daughter of the transition to Protestantism. A huge dowry to bargain with the mother of Count Villiers, however they seemed to lack. They wanted to take possession of the palace of the State Chancellor Francis Bacon. Chancellor stubborn ... and fell in disgrace.

Buckingham showed vision, influenced upon the heir of James I. When the Spanish envoy Gondomar suggested King James intermarry with Philip IV after the wedding the young Charles to the Infanta Dona Maria, Buckingham accompanied the heir to Madrid, he gave the young man advice on how to seize the heart of the Infanta, proud savage, educated in the rules of extreme bigotry and intolerance inquisitorial.

When the further actions of the Madrid office showed Jacob that the suit was only a ruse on the part of the Spanish King, Buckingham with no less zeal began to bother about Prince Charles marrying the sister of the French king Louis XIII Princess Henrietta.

In 1625 the Duke of Buckingham came to France to negotiate the marriage of Charles I and Henrietta, sister of Louis XIII.

This mission, however, it served as a cover: the English king ordered Duke to form a party that would support the protesters. Thin diplomat, he naturally used to achieve their goals Women services.

He made friends with Madame de Chevreuse, who was the mistress of a whole year of a Briton, Count of Holland. The Duke of Buckingham quickly entered the circle of her closest friends. From her, he learned that the young queen and bored at heart dreams of a charming prince. The next day he saw Anne of Austria, and "felt a strong desire to take her in his arms."

For its part, the queen also not remained insensitive to the charm of a gentleman of athletic build who appeared to be endowed with all the qualities which had been deprived of Louis XIII. It is, in fact, did not try to hide his emotion, and Buckingham noticed.

Everyone soon struck, the duke embarks on a thousand follies, to impress the Queen. One evening, during a festival arranged by the Cardinal, he was in a ball gown, decorated with lots of pearls, which under his direction were deliberately sewn on the live thread. At that moment, when he weighed Anne of Austria a deep bow, these jewels one by one came off and were scattered on the parquet. The court rushed to collect gems and stretching their Duke. "Thank you, - he said with a charming and slightly contemptuous smile, - leave them to themselves."

This gesture amused the Queen, who suffered so much from the avarice of Louis XIII. She even admitted it to the Duke during the dance. When the music stopped, their fingers were intertwined, and they were in no hurry to separate the hands, looking at each other glowing eyes and ignoring the proprieties.

The following days were a disappointment for Anne and Buckingham. Both thought that they will quietly make love in some distant room of the palace, and to know the joy of ill fortune. But they do not take into account the hatred of Richelieu.

The Cardinal, who is clearly not asleep ever since, "as the British ambassador drew attention to the charms of the Queen", ordered his men to keep more of Anne of Austria. And because the two lovers have not been able to take anything serious during the two weeks that had gone to negotiations. Richelieu was very pleased, believing that the danger had passed. He soon had to give up ...

June 2, 1625 Princess Henrietta, who had to go to her husband, left the Louvre, accompanied by Buckingham, Marie de Medicis, Anne of Austria, and a huge entourage, which included Madame de Chevreuse.

In Amiens, the future Queen of England had to say goodbye to his family. On this occasion, several events were organized, and in one of the evening Madame de Chevreuse took pleasure for the happiness of a friend of craft pimps and organized a little walk in the park. Anne of Austria was alone with Buckingham.

The handsome Englishman was in such turmoil, that he lost his head and a little bit of "abused" a chance. Taking the queen in his arms, he laid her on the grass. The frightened so rude, she began to fight back, and call for help. The cry came running entire suites.

The queen threw herself into the arms of Madame de Chevreuse, and in the presence of a few confused Buckingham, burst into tears.

A few days later Henrietta left Amiens and went to Boulogne, where she was to board the ship. Anne of Austria followed her into the carriage, and two leagues from the city stopped to say goodbye to her. During their long embrace Buckingham approached them and bowed to the queen of France. For a moment they looked at each other. Then Duke peered through the carriage door in and said a few words. Finally, he bowed and joined the departing motorcade in England.

Anna went to Amiens. The excitement of it was so great, that the Princess de Cauchy, ehavshaya with her in the carriage, on his return, said: "As for the bottom chord, I am quite prepared to vouch for the chastity of the queen, but when it comes to the upper belt, I`m not so sure, because this lover`s tears could not pierce her heart, and as a curtain for a moment I hid from the face of the queen, I can only assume that her Majesty looked at the man with pity. "

How great it was to be this pity if Anna was solved, according to some historians, to kiss the Duke? The fact that, in general, is an incredible and, most importantly, allow us to explain flighty, reckless act, which a few days later made clearly blinded by love Buckingham.

That`s what told on this occasion Madame de Motvil: "The passion of the Duke de Buckingham pushed him for another daring act, which I told the queen, and then confirmed by the Queen of England, who had learned about it from the Duke This famous foreigner after leaving Amiens. was so absorbed in his passion and tormented the pain of separation that wanted certainly once again see the queen, at least for a moment and as the British motorcade at this time has approached to Calais, it is to perform conceived announced, though it has received from his master -. English King new directives, forcing him to return to the French court. "

"I have to take an important package of Her Majesty the Queen Mother," - said he. And, without giving explanations, leaving Henrietta, he mounted his horse and galloped back to the rapid Amiens.

After a brief visit to Marie de Medici, he rushed to Anne of Austria, and asked for an audience. He explained that the Queen were bled in the morning, and now she was lying in bed and take it can not. He insisted and in the end, after much persuasion was admitted to the Queen`s bedroom, where at this time there were more and Princess de Conde and de Conti. Anna lay on a huge four-poster bed. At the sight of the Englishman appeared in the doorway she could not help but smile and whispered: "What a fool! .."

However, he continued Madame de Motvil, "she was amazed when he sat down by her bed and began to kiss the edge of the sheet with the unprecedented frenzy that could not be doubted: it burned is the same, cruel and all-consuming passion, which deprives the mind of everyone she touched ".

In a state of extreme exaltation, he burst into tears and uttered the queen, "many of the most gentle words." Flustered and embarrassed at the same time so violent manifestations of feelings, Anna did not know how to hold it. But then interjected an old lady, the Countess de Lanois perturbed by the behavior of the Duke: "Stand up, Monsieur Such manners are not accepted in France!".

"I - a foreigner - said Buckingham, - and is not obliged to comply with all the laws of your country" - and then again began to kiss sheets, sighing heavily.

Hiding your feelings, the Queen expressed Duke sternly reproached for the fact that his audacity, he discredits it. And then, "anger, but not much," as noted by Madame de Motvil, she ordered him to get up and leave the room. The Englishman stood up, slapped a profound and multiple bow and departed with a lost view.

The next day, he saw once again with Anne of Austria, in the presence of the whole court, said goodbye and left, "determined to return to France as soon as possible."

While Buckingham great influence and the unlimited confidence of the king. Here is what he wrote panegerist Kapfig: "The king loved and honored his confidence Buckingham Duke, a man with the mind accommodating and firmly under the guise of walking in and joker he hid courage tested and determination required to support the autocracy He served under Cromwell and from the tread succeeded by his contempt.. to parliament. He was a witness to great events, have made during Cromwell`s dictatorship, could not accept the idea that when the legitimate king, when Stewart, authorities could not achieve the same degree of independence, as well as at her captors. Buckingham, lover of pleasures and elegant entertainment was very nice to the ladies: kissed the gloved hand of the Duchess of Portsmouth in the same way as happened covered with kisses her knees Miss Stewart and built her a house of cards, like composing poems and comedy Miss Gwyn, charming and whimsical actress, former mistress of King . he was convinced that, in order to control the people, do not behave like strict trapistov and suffer hardship monastic; Government must lead the evils of his time, introducing the work of moralists correct manners. "

Meanwhile, Buckingham followed with interest from London for the event in France. And when I learned that the Queen lives almost separately from Louis XIII, he regained hope.

For some time he kept in touch with the Protestants of La Rochelle, subordination which Richelieu achieved a year ago, and now only the fortress waiting for an opportunity to help enter the English fleet in the Strait of Breton.

When at the beginning of 1627 the Cardinal began again friction with respect to the fort Rochellais Fe, Buckingham publicly stated that Britain would never allow the persecution of the French Huguenots, and persuaded Charles I to send troops to the continent.

June 27th Duke left Potsmut led the fleet of one hundred ships committed to La Rochelle. "This is a holy war," - he said.

In fact, it was just an excuse to see again my dear Anne of Austria.

July 22, together with five thousand soldiers and hundreds of horses, he landed on the island of Re. These were noble lords Huguenots and enthusiastically began to be recorded in the British regiments. Raged a terrible war, which threatened to undermine the royal authority.

For many weeks worried Richelieu did everything possible to prevent the British to enter the La Rochelle. Thousands of people have died as a result of prolonged and bloody fighting, and all for the love of Buckingham to the Queen of France.

Military operations continued throughout the summer, and during one of the battles was captured by Mr. Saint-Servin. Buckingham asked to bring it to your room. Going to it, a French nobleman once saw a portrait of Anne of Austria, hanging over the bed Englishman.

"Monsieur, - said the duke, - go and tell the queen what you have seen here, and the Richelieu pass that I offered him La Rochelle and give up the war with France, if he agrees to accept me as an ambassador." Then he ordered the release of Mr. Saint-Servais, who went with the proposal to the Cardinal.

"If you say one more word, - the Cardinal said softly, - I`ll have to cut off your head." Saint Servin turned the conversation to another topic.

Finally on October 17 Richelieu managed to drive out the British from the island of Re. And if he did not become the owner of La Rochelle, then, at least, he defeated his opponent.

Buckingham returned to London and within ten months of carefully prepared his revenge. After collecting quite an impressive fleet, he was going to sail back to France, but the September 2, 1628 an officer named John Felton killed him at Portsmouth a knife.

This murder sowed panic in the ranks of the defenders of La Rochelle, and a few weeks later, on October 27 they surrendered to Richelieu. Victory and vengeance Cardinal celebrated his triumph magnificently organized and revelry in the city.

While the army is fun, the Louvre woman shed bitter tears. Upon learning of the death of Buckingham, Anna locked herself in her room and nobody took.

Later in life, she kept the memory of this crazy love, had almost become the cause of a new Hundred Years` War ....