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How to eliminate African neokolonistov ?

Ayittey - American University professor (American University) and an associate researcher of the Research Institute of Foreign Policy (FPRI).Ayittey goes beyond a simple critique, offering concrete solutions to protect the mistakes of the past and present, and calls for the establishment of a democratic government, the revision of debt, infrastructure modernization, the free market economy and free trade - all to promote the development of Africa (Africa).Ayittey defends the argument that ` Africa is poor because nesvobodna`, and calls the lack of freedoms, the most important cause of African poverty. And economist largely blames not even the colonial powers with their oppressive policies and mismanagement, and the fruits of the impact of modern local autocrats, permanently suppress Africa.

George Ayittey was born in 1945 in Ghana (Ghana). He received a BA in Economics from the University of Ghana in Legon (University of Ghana, Legon), a master`s degree from the University of Western Ontario, Canada (University of Western Ontario, Canada), and stependoktora philosophy at the University of Manitoba (University of Manitoba).Ayittey taught at the College of Wayne State College and the University of Pennsylvania Blumsbergskom (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania).

Ayittey enjoyed a scholarship to carry out research work at the Hoover Institution (Hoover Institution) in 1988-1989. ,and then joined the brain trust - fund ` Nasledie` (Heritage Foundation) - the right of permanent scientist. In 2008 Ayittey hit the list of the American magazine `Foreign Policy`, where the names of ` 100 have been named the best intellektualov` forming directions of development in Nasoyan time.

In 1993-m George founded the Free Africa Foundation (The Free Africa Foundation), which was supposed to help accelerate the reform in Africa. today Foundation defends the intellectual, political, economic and religious freedom, as well as prevent ` vzhivleniyu` alien ideologies and systems in Africa. The site posted a message Foundation President Ayitteya : ` freedom from colonialism, which fought for Africa, was treacherously trampled. True freedom and development has not come to much of Africa. Independence was only in the title. One group of gentlemen, white settlers replaced other temnokozhimineokolonistami ,and the oppression and exploitation of African peoples not oslabla`.

Ayittey believes that salvation for Africa from the oppressive despotism requires three key steps. First, George offers to form a coalition consisting of small groups ` stareyshin` ,without political ties and able to control the activities of the various opposition groups. Ayittey explains : ` They should be able to reach out to all opposition grupp`. The Council of Elders is to unite all opposition into a single Union, which would prevent the emergence of dictatorship, arises on the basis of the split.

Secondly,Ayttey considers it necessary to gain control of the civil service, security service, the judiciary, the polling stations and the national bank. According to the economist, even if we can get the power on at least one of these ` resursov` ,it can be turned into a center of undermining the dictatorial power in African countries. At the same time, all of these organizations ` infitsirovany` buddies dictators throughout Africa.

Third, Ayittey points to the importance of the reforms carried out in the correct sequence.

George Ayittey lives in Lorton, Virginia (Lorton, Virginia)

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