Georg Wobbermin

Picture of Georg Wobbermin

Date of Birth: 10/27/1869

Age: 73

Place of birth: Stettin

Citizenship: Germany


After school, George Vobbermin continued his studies for a degree in Protestant theology. From the variety of theological disciplines attracted his systematic theology - a branch of science dealing with the rational ordering of religions and beliefs. After receiving his doctorate in this specialty, he has published a number of works. at Gottingen University Department of Systematic Theology he headed in 1922.

He took part in the Fifth International Congress "Free Christianity and Religious Progress".

From a young age until his death Vobbermin belonged among the extremely nationalist intelligentsia. November 11, 1933 was one of the signatories of the "Statement of professors of German universities and colleges support of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist state."

Discussing get whether a head of a theological Chair of the University of Berlin Vobberminu that was "tailored from the same brown material as the new Chancellor," Karl Barth wrote Dietrich Bonhoeffer, "in the era of Chancellor Hitler Vobbermin certainly will take the chair of Schleiermacher more appropriate way than is if I could. "

In 1939 Vobbermin declared its readiness to cooperate with the Institute for Research of eliminating Jewish influence on German church life (Eisenach). According to his statements, in Germany "due to Hitler awakened national consciousness and awareness about the harmful effects of the Jews on culture and society."

The assessment of contemporary religious life Vobbermin professor was quite liberal. So, "based on their own religious and philosophical, or rather existentialist views, he defended the decision of the Synod of Churches of the Prussian union (Kirche der Altpreu & # 223; ischen Union) to adopt amendments to its Arian faith-charter".


The theological concept Vobbermina outlined in three consecutive outs editions (1913, 1922, 1925)