Georg Gellap

Picture of Georg Gellap

Date of Birth: 11/18/1901

Age: 82

Place of birth: Jefferson

Citizenship: United States


George Gallup was born November 18, 1901 in Jefferson City, Iowa. In the family and among friends called him Ted, as his nurse called in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt. Financial capacity of his parents have been limited, and Gallup had to work to pay for their college education. In 1923, he received a bachelor`s degree and began teaching. In 1925, Gallup Master`s degree has been awarded, and in 1928 - he became a doctor of psychology. In 1932 he was invited to the post of professor of journalism at Northwestern University of Iowa, where he taught for a year. Later, George. Gallup was made an honorary doctor of several universities and president of a number of research committees.

In his doctoral dissertation, "On an objective method of determining the reader`s interest in the content of newspapers," George. Gallup immediately identified two fundamental and integral to the direction of his long and highly productive scientific research. The first - the study of political, social and economic processes taking place in America, and later - and in other countries. The second trend - the study and improvement of the empirical methods of public opinion research. By the way, Gallup first had the idea not only to ask questions about a person that he likes to read in the newspapers, and poll respondent previously gave him a copy of the newspaper.

Summer of 1932, George. Gallup with his wife and two sons, Alec and George moved to New York and led the first research department in an advertising company