Genrih Kayser

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Date of Birth: 03/16/1853

Age: 87

Place of birth: Bingen am Rhein

Citizenship: Germany

Who established the presence of helium in the atmosphere

Henry Kaiser, born March 16, 1853 in Bingen am Rhein (Bingen am Rhein), a small town in western Germany (Germany). His great-grandfather, Johann Jakob Kaiser (Johann Jacob Kayser), came from the peasants, and was the first in the family to receive academic education. He was a priest and philosopher qualify for the chair at the University of Konigsberg (University of K & # 246; nigsberg), which took Immanuel Kant (Immanuel Kant). Father Kaiser, August Emanuel Kayser (August Immanuel Kayser) was known in Konigsberg (K & # 246; nigsberg) lawyer and owner of a large estate. Father of the future physicist Johann Jakob Kaiser Heinrich (Johann Jacob Heinrich Kayser), could not finish the training yuridicheskomfakultete because of a serious eye disease, so he took over the management of his father`s estate, and traveled extensively in Europe (Europe). Henry`s mother, Dorothea von Amelia Metz (Dorothea Amelia von Metz) was the daughter of a Russian officer, who fled from the French Revolution. His parents were married in Moscow (Moscow) in 1843, and after several years spent in Konigsberg, moved in Bingen am Rhein, where he was born, Henry, the youngest of five children. The family moved quite often, which is why primary education was somewhat irregular Henry. A few years his father taught himself to his Latin and Greek language, history and mathematics. Henry graduated from high school in Berlin in 1872.

Vesnoy1873, Henry Kaiser began his studies in physics at the newly opened University of Strasbourg (University of Strassbourg) and made great progress, but was forced to interrupt his studies after the first semester, first of all, due to damage relations with his father, and, secondly, due to a serious attack of pleurisy. Upon recovering, he was for a time held in Munich (Munich), and then returned to Strasbourg. Later, he studied at the University of Bonn (University of Bonn), from which he graduated in 1879, defended his doctoral dissertation on the properties of the sound waves. He taught at the University of Bonn from 1894 to 1920 and established in Bonn (Bonn) Center spectroscopic studies. Early work Kaiser were associated with the characteristics of acoustic waves. He also discovered the presence of helium in the Earth`s atmosphere. Together with physicist and mathematician Carl Runge (Carl Runge), known spectroscopists, Kaiser studied the spectra of chemical elements. In 1905 he wrote an article on the theory of electrons.

In his honor, called the unit of measurement of the GHS system (centimeter-gram-second) `kayzer` related to the wave number.

Kaiser died in Bonn on 14 October 1940. In just a few years before his death, some of his friends persuaded the Kaiser to write his memoirs, which he did with great care, preparing the manuscript of 372 pages, which, alas, was never published, but served as a source for a brief biography.