Genrich 2

Picture of Genrich 2

Date of birth: 06.05.0973

Age: 51

Citizenship: Germany


Henry, son of the Duke of Bavaria, Henry II and great-grandson of the German King Henry the Fowler, who was born in Bad Abbach (10 km south of Regensburg) 6 May 973. In 995, he inherited his father`s duchy of Bavaria, but was forced to give way to Carinthia and Emperor Otto III of Verona, his cousin. When Otto died in 1002, Henry, among many other applicants made a claim to his crown. We found Henry influential supporters, and on June 7 of the same year in Mainz Villigis, the local archbishop, gave it the crown of the German king. In 1014 Pope Benedict VIII crowned Henry in Rome as the call of Pope Benedict imperatora.Po 1020 Heinrich quite successfully fought against the Byzantines in southern Italy, but in 1022 the epidemic was forced to suspend the campaign. Supporter Cluny reform, it is, however, available exclusively in the interests of the monarchy turned to bishoprics and abbeys - in exactly the same way as his predecessors had done. Nevertheless, in 1146, Henry was canonized by Pope Eugene III - above all, apparently in connection with the foundation in 1007 they bishopric in Bamberg, where originally there was his cult.