Gennady Of Novgorod

Picture of Gennady Of Novgorod

Age: 95

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


In 1484, Gennady was appointed Archbishop of Novgorod for the pro-Moscow policy in the recent accession of Novgorod.

At the Council in 1503 in Moscow, together with Joseph of Volokolamsk, Novgorod Gennady strongly opposed the plans of Ivan III to abolish the monastic estates.

His work is represented in the main messages, napisannymiv 1480s - early 1490s. Most of these messages is to persuade the Metropolitan of Moscow of the need to decisively and ruthlessly deal with heretics. In a letter to Metropolitan Simon, he advocated the establishment of schools for the clergy.

The structure of the literary circle gathered around Gennady of Novgorod, were Deacon Gerasimos Popovka, his brother, translator and diplomat Dmitry Gerasimov, the companions of the Grand Duchess Sophia Paleologos brothers Yuri and Dmitry Manuilovich Trahanioty and Dominican monk Benjamin.

At the court Gennady was written "Word briefly" in defense of church property, the most prominent monument of journalism covetous, Josephites, the introduction to the Paschal, reasoning "On years sedmyya thousands", made a series of transfers and made Russia`s first complete Bible Code - "Bible of Gennady" .

In 1504, he and his companions managed to achieve total condemnation of heretics. But Gennady himself in June of the same year, at the behest of Grand Duke, was dismissed from the department, and died in disgrace.

Died Gennady of Novgorod (4) December 17, 1505 in the Miracle Monastery; and was buried there.