Gennady Nazarov

Picture of Gennady Nazarov

Date of Birth: 03/03/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

It is better to walk than to look bad performances

Author: Svetlana COUSIN

Website: Celebrities

He played a major role in the film "Soldier Ivan Chonkin", "Thief," "What a wonderful game," starred in several TV series, including "Taxi Driver" and "Truckers", played at the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya in "Lenkom". Gennady Nazarov - a wonderful actor, in addition charming man with a sweet, disarming smile.

- In all your roles there is some mischief, the element of good-natured humor. And in the film and in the theater now, unfortunately, reigns humor "below the belt". How do you feel about that?

- Honestly, I have a problem with humor. I feel it, understand it, but the "birth" can not. I always save some inner sense of joy. But this is not humor. Sometimes I can blurt out such that my wife Natasha says: "That`s what my husband got ridiculous." But this is spontaneous, not innate. I`m funny because I was doing something funny. Maybe I have some kind of their own, a special sense of humor?

As for the vulgarity in the movie, then, if we talk about the series, many of them made by grafomanskim books. Besides fashion in film define people who give him money. Maybe it is their tasteful problem? There is a decline in morals, but time is released, it means that someone is "eat"? So the humor of someone satisfied? Maybe it was just time, is it? Singing teacher in GITIS Ganeshin Maria Andreyevna says about this: "Who cooked the soup and foams. But he is, after all, is cooked. And the foam will come. "

- And then films and performances will be better ...

- Well, by and large, some of the series is now much better in comparison with those that were taken about 5 years ago, the St. Petersburg group, for example, produce very good "soap". They are actors in another run, and generally get a normal movie. I think that today`s success or failure, as well as the content of the picture depends primarily on the producer who dictates what he thinks right. This is the same as the dependence of the actor from the director. You look - in the same series, he plays well, and the other reason is bad. Most problems start at the script level. For example, there is an idea embodied in the finished script. And people who buy it, conceive trouble. Yet it is that the script of the first two series of writing one, the next two - the other, then a third ... They call back to learn from each other, which makes the characters in the series of others. Because of all this happen all sorts of absurdity! And all from a wild rate, which is now making a movie. I heard that the "Brigade" was shot and a half years. And it feels! Even if it is exaggerated unworthy subject, but there is quite a different quality shooting! It is evident that the actors -. Not mere "talking heads"

- See something still want something like that, so breathtaking, that warmed the soul. However, this unfortunately small.

- Of course, you want something human, that you hurt a movie that you empathize with the hero. Unfortunately, such things are not written unceremoniously.

- It`s a shame also that in the theater the situation is not much better. Almost did not performances, after which you experience elation.

- Well, do not go there! It is better to go to nature, to go to the zoo to see the little animals in the conservatory to go, listen to music, or simply, in the end, chat with friends. I then somehow went with his wife to the theater and, although the actor himself, sat and thought: "My God! How did they get bored? There are poor, on the stage, shouting something ... "And it was winter. And we went into the intermission on the street - the snowball rolls in, people go. So good! And I said to my wife: "Let`s stroll down the street, look at the city. More as we get the pleasure! "

It seems to me that trouble today`s theater is that no good modern drama, no plays, written in the classical form, where it would be the contents of the 1st and 2nd acts, where the actor could actually play a person of his contemporary. So we have on the stage - solid postmodernism. And so, perhaps half of the actors that I know, just do not go to the theater to see the work of their colleagues. Here musicians, to their credit, listen to each other, are interested in the actors - no! Cinema still look at festivals, but to go to the theater - break ... Maybe instead they also prefer to walk in Moscow?