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According to the description of one of this group of music magazines, just as if the "White zombie" topped the sexy aunt. And indeed, "Genitorturers" gained popularity mainly due to its scenic raznuzdanno-sexual image and much of the credit to the vocalist Emma Noble nicknamed Jen.

His teenage period Emma held in Albuquerque (New Mexico) on basuhe playing in various garage punk bands. When she knocked seventeen, Noble moved to Florida, and more precisely in Orlando.

At all-the woman had intended to study microbiology, but instead it has brought to work at a rock radio station. In 1986, a brisk Jean has already organized his group, calling it "Genitorturers", and usurped for themselves just two posts - bassist and vocalist.

GenitorturersPravda, since 1992 ,Emma chetyrehstrunke substituted for David Vincent of "Morbid angel". And since 1996 he became a full member of the team, taking the pseudonym Evil Dee. With Jean they originated novel, and soon the couple were married. In 1993, the group managed to enter into a contract with a unit of "Capitol records", the label " the IRS ", which released their debut album, " 120 days of torture".Also Jin on its cover were listed the names of guitarist Jerry Sina bassist and drummer Wolfgang. There was a tense American- European tour, during which "Genitorturers" hard won reputation for himself.

However, their efforts crumbled due to the precarious financial situation of the label, and soon the band was left without a contract. While found a new "roof ", it took five years. At this time, fans contented video "Society of Genitorture", which, incidentally, they are more pleased, because main pleasure just imagined visuals.

GenitorturersTogda same "Genitorturers" reminded of themselves, swept across the United States in the company "Electric hellfire club".At the end of the tour group was asked to write some little thing for the tribute album "AC / DC", which was supposed to go to "Cleopatra records". The team has successfully coped with the task, writing his version of " Squealer ", and received a contract from " Cleopatra " for the publication of the second plate. By the way by the time a team has changed - in 1995 a new guitarist Chuck " Cheyns " Lenihan (ex- "Crumbsuckers", "Electric hellfire club", "Grim faeries"), and in 1997 for the drums sat Razzi Shay. In this updated configuration and "Sin city" was recorded.

In 2000, "Genitorturers" continued its cooperation with the "Cleopatra",released third full-length work for the label, "Machine love". The following year, Shay left the team, and in its place was a former member of "The undead" and "Psykill" Angel. In 2002, he published the new release, the mini-album "Flesh is the law", which includes three fresh compositions ,as well as a live version of "House of shame" and the thing 1997 "Guns are good".

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