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American football player. Later he became chairman of the trade union players in the American Football Association.

Eugene Thurman Upshaw Jr. was born on August 15th 1945 in the city of Robstown, Texas in the United States. After leaving school, he studied at the Gin Kingsvilskom Texas College of A & T, where he was a member of the Student Society " Alpha Psi Alpha". It was America`s first-ever Student Society for African-Americans. While still in college, Eugene started playing football for the team "Oakland Raiders" and, by the way, did not leave her even once in all the fifteen years of his boxing career. Three times he became the owner of the prestigious Cup "Super Bowls", in th 1967, 1976 th and 1980th years and is officially recognized as the only player in the history of college football who has earned such an achievement, playing as part of the same team. In 1969, the year of Gene Upshaw (Gene Upshaw) got in the symbolic team " All Stars ". Even after the end of his sports career, in 1999, the year of "The Sporting News" magazine named Gina 62-th number in the ranking of the hundred most great players.

But even after the end of his sports career, Gene Upshaw (Gene Upshaw) ripped his relationship with American football. He became an active member of trade unions American football and in 1987, after an unsuccessful strike, became the chairman of the trade union committee. This post is former fubolist held until his death in 2008, the year.

In mid-August of 2008. Gene Upshaw (Gene Upshaw) was resting with his family, his wife Terri and sons Eugene third, Justin and Daniel, in his own home in Lake Tahoe. Suddenly, he felt ill and was immediately hospitalized.Doctors discovered he had an incurable disease - cancer of the pancreas.

August 17, 2008 th Gene Upshaw (Gene Upshaw) died in the hospital. His bust Football attributes on display in the Hall of Fame American football. In the 2008-2009 season, the first game `s no player wearing a shirt with his favorite number " 63 " - in memory of a great player. On the field his own team vystrizheny huge numbers " 63 ". The whole life of Gene Upshaw (Gene Upshaw) was associated with that number - the number on the shirt, year of graduation and college. ... he died at the age of 63 years

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