Gay Vibiy Gall

Picture of Gay Vibiy Gall

Citizenship: Italy


Gill, Guy Vibius Trebonianus - Roman emperor in 251-253 years. Rhode. 206 g + 253 g

Gall came with Mening island located off the Libyan coast (Victor: `On the life and morals of the Roman emperors`, 31). Before taking power, he was a senator in Perusia, in 245, he received the consulate, and the 250-meters - in the governorship of Moesia. After the death of Decius viyune 251, he was proclaimed emperor with Gostilianom, and his son Volutsian received the title of Caesar (Victor: "O Caesar `, 30). The first care of the new emperor was the release of the Illyrian provinces from the intolerable oppression on the part of the victorious ready. He agreed to leave in their hands the fruits of their victory - a huge booty and captives, abundantly supplied them with all the camp, which could mitigate the irritation or facilitate their speedy retreat; he even promised them a year to pay a large sum of money on the condition that they shall never ravaged the Roman territory with their raids (Gibbon: 10). During the plague Gall earned the love of the people that carefully and diligently to bury everyone, even the most humble citizens. While he was in Rome, Emilio Emily en bribed soldiers and seized power. Gall with his son against him to fight back, but Interamna both of them were killed by their soldiers, expect to get great rewards from Emiliana (Victor: "O Caesar `; 30-31).