Gary S Gensler

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Date of Birth: 10/18/1957

Age: 59

Place of Birth: Baltimore

Citizenship: United States

The ex-chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading of the Commission

Gary Gensler - American economist and financier, who previously held the post of chairman of the US Commission on Commodity Futures Trading under President Obama.

Gensler was born in Baltimore (Baltimore), in the family of supplier of cigarette machines and machines for playing pinball Gensler Sam (Sam Gensler). It is known that Gary`s father was a prominent figure in the local Democratic Party. Gary has a twin brother, Robert; along with his brother Gary was in college, but later they parted ways - is now headed by Robert active fund management `T. Rowe Price`.

In 1978, Gary Gensler graduated with honors from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Bachelor of Economics; Gensler year later took a course on the Master`s program Business Administration.

In 1978, Gary sat in `Goldman Sachs`; He came here, they say, to the place, being able to work as much as 18 years. In 30 years, Gary has become a partner that by the standards of the company was the absolute age record. Later, the department management was entrusted Gensler operations with securities with fixed income and foreign exchange transactions; worked on the direction of Gary in the mid-90s, Tokyo (Tokyo). Later, Gary was an even more impressive increase - he was appointed one of the directors of the company finance department.

In 1990, Gary has advised the National Football League at that time who conducted active negotiations with TV.

In the period from 1999 to 2001, Gary Gensler served as assistant minister of national finance; In this capacity, he supervised the policy of US financial markets, debt management and financial services. Among other things, Gary played for the promotion of the act of the Commodity Futures Modernization.

In 2000, Gary Gensler in collaboration with Greg Baer (Greg Baer) wrote the book `The Great Mutual Fund Trap`; This book tells about the general inefficiency of the active trade and investment for individual investors. From the book implied that individuals better to entrust their funds specialized companies able to deal on a more adequate level.

In 2008, Gary Gensler was the chief economic adviser to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton); intra-party elections after Gary came under the wing to Barack Obama. Among other things, he reviewed the activities of the commission with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Later, Obama appointed Gensler, Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading. Appointment was made public this ambiguous; some senators felt that the choice of Obama made an unsuccessful, and that previous experience with Gary Gensler suggests that it should not be used on this post.

In early November 2011, the Gensler withdrew from participation in the investigation of `MF Global`; he did it because of the personal relationships with the company`s CEO Jon Corzine (Jon Corzine). Later it was found that the relationship was Gensler and Corzine deeper than it seemed at first glance, that could partially break the rules of the commission.

After the reform of Wall Street and the Law on Consumer Protection in 2010, coverage of the area of ??interest to the Commission increased considerably; Gensler hired David Meister (David Meister) has launched a number of new cases against the largest banks on Wall Street.

His position in Gary Gensler Commission left in December of 2013.

In 1986, Gary Gensler married kinodela and photographer-collage Francesca Danieli; later they had three daughters. In 2006, Gensler`s wife died from breast cancer.

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