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American politician, sitting in the House of Representatives.

Ackerman was born in Brooklyn (Brooklyn), in the family of Eva (Eva) and Max Ackermann (Max Ackerman); Gary grew up in Flushing ,error status: 400The petition was denied - according to existing rules such leave shall be granted exclusively to women. Gary, however, did not want to put up with this injustice - are served on board of the court, he won the case ; thus it was established a precedent that both parents could qualify for this type of holiday. Many are inclined to believe that this precedent was the basis of the law on leave for family and medical reasons.

In 1970, Gary quit teaching and created the weekly newspaper `Flushing Tribune`. Ackerman himself appeared as an editor and publisher.

For the first time in the public service, Gary came in 1978-m - that`s when he was elected to the city senate. Already in 1983, Ackerman was in the House of Representatives ; until 1992, he spoke on behalf of the central part of Queens.

In 1992, the border areas have been revised ; Gary became the representative of the northern coast of Queens and Nassau counties (Nassau) and Suffolk (Suffolk).

In 2002, the boundaries were changed for the second ;from this point on Ackerman began to act as a messenger of Queens and Nassau citizens.

In June 2001, Ackerman expressed the King of Denmark (Denmark) Christian X (King Christian X of Denmark) his compliments for wearing distinctive yellow bandage on his hand. Gary was sureduring World War II, the Nazis forced Jews to wear all Danish like a bandage, and Christian X, thus demonstrating the support of the oppressed minorities; Unfortunately, contrary to Ackerman, the story of the Yellow Belt was just an urban legend and nothing to do with the real state of affairs did not have. Ackerman is known as a supporter of a number of important projects to combat the spread of AIDS virus. One of his projects called for mandatory HIV testing of all newborns - of course, with the disclosure of the results obtained by the mother. Put forward a similar idea Ackerman after it became known ,that in the 45 American states - including New York (New York) - similar testing is done and so ; Results, however, are hiding from their mothers and are used solely for the purpose of statistics. Hundreds of mothers have brought home sick children - and even did not know about what a terrible disease struck their offspring. Noise extended Gary proposal has generated enormous ; We supported him almost all - in fact, just the bill at a meeting of the Congress received the most votes and the Democratic and Republican parties.

It Ackerman forced all banks and financial companies is required to inform the customer about the region ,that their credit history is stored some kind of negative information.

October 10, 2002, Gary - along with another 80 House Democrats - voted in favor of the introduction of US troops in Iraq (Iraq).

January 8, 2009, Ackerman put forward ` Skachkova pravilo` - essentially limited list of situations ,error status: 400error status: 400the whole body suddenly Aysom hatch through the skin strange horny growths on structure resembling nails. Believe what had happened it was impossible - Shane experienced many anxious hours, and doctors, to which she immediately asked for help, did not immediately realize what was going on. error status: 400which she took after in 2009 she suffered a severe attack of allergic asthma.

From what only did not treat doctors Shane - from a staph infection, eczema and other skin diseases, but upryamyeogti all continued to grow, and women suffering only intensified.

As a result, doctors have come to the conclusion that ` Shane too much kozhi` ,that constantly flakes off and replaced up to 12 times faster than normal. As a result, the skin does not have time to ` dyshat`. However, to help women and doctors can not - a statement of the reasons for the disease, as well as self diagnosis in this case do not warrant treatment.

Meanwhile, Shane started with difficulty to move - now she can move, only relying on a stick, Ae suffering become permanent. her skin reminds one big dry scab with strange sprouting spines, which is its weird nails. Until recently, it was full of optimism and cheerfulness student, but after 2009 Shane`s life has turned into hell. Doctors can not monitor the status of Shane - they have a test and ascertain the symptoms as they appear.

Shane says that sometimes it seems that the disease is - just a nightmare to wake up and stoittolko he will evaporate. Alas, in the case of Shane have to admit - this is not a nightmare, it is her reality.To date, other patients with similar symptoms have been identified worldwide.

There is one negative point - a strange disease almost did not let the world family of Shane - they just have to pay huge medical bills, because the insurance company refused to compensate them for the costs.

In order to pay for the treatment ,which it still offered the buyout and was incredibly expensive, Shane opened his own foundation, but it is still very much doubt that will be able to collect the necessary sum. And she hopes that by its disease in the near future there is a cure, and when future victims of an insidious disease do not fall into such a vice, in which it landed. However,at this moment other documented cases of this disease is not - in case American Shane Aysom unique. Today Shane do the scientists from the Institute of Johns Hopkins, relatives and herself Shane once again believe in the victory.

All hope of a young woman on her family - this family rallied around unhappy and do not give it to fall spirit. But the insurance system of the country, alas, stalled on the strange case of unexplored disease. Alas, to reverse this situation Aysom Shane and her family have been unable to, but because of the huge bills of clinics and centers (in 2012, they called the sum of $ 250,000) is still a heavy burden laid on the shoulders of families.

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