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Date of Birth: 02/12/1930

Age: 85

Place of birth: Potsvil

Citizenship: United States

Who invented the New Home Economics?

Gary Stanley Becker - American economist, Professor of Economics and Sociology, University of Chicago (University of Chicago), professor of the School of Business Booth (Booth School of Business). The Nobel Prize in Economics.

Becker was born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania (Pottsville, Pennsylvania). In 1951 he received a bachelor`s degree from Princeton (Princeton University), in 1955, became a doctor of science at the University of Chicago (University of Chicago). Thesis has been devoted to his very unusual topic - the economic aspects of racial discrimination. From 1957 to 1968-th Becker has taught at Columbia University (Columbia University), and then returned to Chicago.

During his scientific career Becker repeatedly received prestigious awards of various levels and ranks. In 1967, Gary Becker was awarded the Medal of the John Bates Clark (John Bates Clark Medal); in 1972 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (American Academy of Arts and Sciences), in 2000 was awarded the National Medal of Science (National Medal of Science).

In many ways the peak of his career can be called the Nobel Prize - it was a scholar in 1992 for `research a wide range of human behavior and response problems are not limited to market povedeniem`.

Becker brought considerable fame of his family research as a public institution; scientist rather carefully analyzed the various aspects of family life, such as divorce and marriage, social security and even fertility. For the first time in research in this field Becker fell in 1960; soon he - together with Jacob Mincer (Jacob Mincer) - developed a model of `new home ekonomika` ( `New Home Economics`); This became the core of the model proposed by Becker circuit timing. The scientist carefully analyzed the impact of external and internal factors on prinyatievazhnyh solutions and principles by which the function and influence of the outside world newly created family. Among other things, Becker showed that as the number of women in the ranks of `trudyaschihsya` manifested a marked increase in opportunity costs in relation to childcare. Growth rate of return of education as a phenomenon, according to Becker, has also led to a rather characteristic changes in society - the number of people willing to give their children a more expensive and formal education can be significantly increased. The combination of these factors together led to unpleasant side effects - the overall fertility decline. `Theory braka` for Becker has been described in articles in 1973 and 1974; These articles contain not only an analysis of the facts, but also some interesting conclusions. In particular, Becker proved that the ratio of men and women in marriage rynke` `directly related to the relative access to instrumentampotrebleniya wives; Gary Becker and showed a relatively high probability of polygamous among high-income men.

In 1977, Becker published an article on divorce; Here the scientist was trying to show that most divorces are associated with unexpected changes in income levels. These and many other articles Becker later formed the basis for his book `Treatise on seme` ( `A Treatise on the Family`), at the moment is one of the most cited books on economics. To the topic Gary Becker back in the future - for example, in 2013 he commented in an interview with the journalist `Wall Street Journal` reasons for the relatively small number of women in the United States manage to get on a really high-level positions; Becker said that most of the barriers to women and various minorities had existed previously successfully broken, and in our time talking about some kind of artificial discrimination has become more difficult.

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