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Allan has released three platinum albums : "Smoke Rings in the Dark" (2000) , "Alright Guy" (2002) and "See If I Care" (2004).

Gary Allan (full name Gary Allan Herzberg) - American country singer, was born on December 5, 1967. In 1996 he signed a contract with Decca Records and released their debut single "Her Man",which became the forerunner of the album "Used Heart for Sale".

Allan has released three platinum albums : "Smoke Rings in the Dark" (2000) , "Alright Guy" (2002) and "See If I Care" (2004). Today, Gary has recorded 6 albums and a hits compilation "Greatest Hits".

early years

Allan grew up in California ,with thirteen years he appeared with his father in pubs and bars. Two years later he was asked to sign a contract with the record company, but the father insisted to finish school.

Then Gary continued to perform in bars with his band Tonk Wranglers.

Musical careerThe first album "Used Heart for Sale" recorded in 1996 on Decca Records label. The album was voted album of the month. "It Would Be You" The second album was released in 1998. album "Smoke Rings in the Dark" was released in 1999.

"Alright Guy" album was released in 2001. In 2003 he was awarded Country Music Association`s Horizon Award. In the same year he released his fifth album "See If I Care".

hits compilation "Greatest Hits" is published 6 March 2007. The most popular album became "Living Hard", released on October 23, 2007.

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