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American fashion house `Garo Sparo`, engaged Couture, located in New York (New York City). Its founder and CEO, an independent designer Garo Spar (Garo Sparo), works with many of the most outstanding and well-known NewYork personalities in the fashion world.

In addition to his dedication to the trendy house, Spar - known person on television. He was the star of a new original series `Unleashed by Garo`, which airs Sundance Channel channel.

Garo Spar was born in an artistic family skilled artisans engaged mainly bisero- and lace. He grew up on the south shore of Long Island (Long Island), and began to cut the clothes from 11 years, with the support of costume designer, one of the indigenous people of America. At a young age to pair moved to North Carolina (North Carolina), and began to create fashionable hats under the name `Garo Sparo Collection`,which were sold in a variety of places.

In 1995, the company `Absolut Vodka` sponsored Spar collection, allowing the designer expanded the borders of his fame in New York. This collection later became a member of a variety of New York fashion show, including the club `Webster Hall` and popular party ` Jackie 60`.

In 2000-m Spar opened its boutique, `Garo Sparo Boutique`, on St. Mark`s Square in Manhattan (Manhattan). During this period he focused in his work on the production of corsetry and garments from couture.

Its customer base is expanding rapidly. SPAR and its collections have attracted the attention of the living legends in the world of burlesque and travesty ,Miss Anderstud (Miss

Understood) , Hedda Leticia (Hedda Lettuce) , Angie Pontani (Angie Pontani), Sekvinett (Sequinette) and others. In addition, the list of his clients includes fashion icon Daphne Guinness (Daphne Guinness) and other VIPs.

Design solutions from ` Garo Sparo` become parties to the commercials ,was used in films, dance performances and art installations. Garo - a permanent designer of the New York production company and organization `Screaming Queens Entertainment`.

The series `Unleashed by Garo` - this television project of the six episodes ,where Garo Spar tells all about the world of fashion and design and gives private rekomendatsii.Premera series was held on channel Sundance Channel September 9, 2011 - th. That same day, the project was presented to channel Canadian Sundance. Each episode of the New York studio SPAR come three clients who wish to take advantage of his talent ,to listen to his advice and go through radical preobrazovaniya.Diapazon participants television series ranging from brides from secular society, seeking unique wedding gowns, to various kinds of artists wishing to purchase a stunning stage clothes.

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