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To which the only style critics have attributed creation "Garbage" - and post-grunge and goth - pop, but simply an alternative. Themselves as musicians always nod to its origins as a "Eurythmics","Nine inch nails" and especially "Roxy music".

For the first time, showed interest in the team only because one of its founders was Butch Vig. In previous years, the drummer gained fame on the producer`s career, when he worked with such orchestras as the "Nirvana", "Smashing pumpkins", "L7" and "Sonic youth".Earlier Vig played in the group "Spooner", where his partners were Steve Marker and Duke Erikson.

That together with them in 1994 and founded Butch "Garbage". Although Erickson was a good singer, the trio in search of a new sound has decided to acquire frontmenshey. After extensive searching musicians caught the eye of the clip a little-known Scottish group "Angelfish".

GarbageKomanda this was not particularly notable, but ISAP and companies with something like the manner of execution of their vocalist Shirley Manson. She was invited to audition, and Shirley without thinking twice, flew to

Wisconsin,as "Angelfish" we were still on the verge of collapse. Circulation of the first single "Garbage", released in the spring of 1994, amounted to only 1000 copies. This was followed a few minions, but the breakthrough has come true in the autumn of 1995, when there was a debut album. The disc has sold a total circulation of four million copies.While "Garbage" untwisted his world tour, they came out a few singles and videos.

For a thorough studio work the band back in 1997, when recorded several more " electronic" album "Version 2.0". The tour in support of it started from the shores of Albion, where the team acted as a headliner. At the same time the group visited the home of Shirley, Scotland, taking part in tamoshnem festival "T In The Park".

GarbageNa next year "Garbage" to assist in the creation of the soundtrack for the James Bond film "The world is not enough", he added that the next portion of the popularity, especially in Britain. The third LP, "Beautifulgarbage",I came out after a long break, in 2001. On this album the group has continued to move toward pop music, but it does not reduce its army of fans. "Beautifulgarbage" Chartova took good positions, and the single "Androgyny", "Breaking The Girl", "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)" Long settled on the radio.

Incidentally,at sessions of the team rescued drummer Matt Chamberlain, because Butch Vig revealed problems with hearing. He (Matt) performed with "Garbage" in the ensuing US tour, while the recovery rate held Vig. And when in 2004 the " scavengers " gathered to record their fourth album ,at sessions of staying well-known and ubiquitous Dave Grohl.

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Garbage photo
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