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The founder of the company - Gantmakher Bernard (Bernard Gantmacher) - arrived in the US from Ukraine in 1914.

With empty hands and empty pockets even more, Bernard was still full of ideas about their bright future. He decided to start a school, enrolling in Columbia University (Colombia University), he studied at the pharmacist. By the way, in order to pay for his studies, the young man had to get to work the night shift in one of the sewing workshops in the Lower East Side (Lower East Side). Bernard`s work became collars for shirts ,and very soon he became a master. By the way, in this workshop Gantmakher met his future wife Rose (Rose), which in those days was engaged in processing loops and buttons for all of the same shirts.

In 1927, Bernard and Rose, who were both already quite versed in the production of men`s shirts, moved to New Haven ,Connecticut (New Haven, Connecticut). The city at that time was the real center of the textile industry, and Bernard began to work as a subcontractor, again, which produced the same shirts for other companies.

Quality shirts that are produced Gant (so now the sound of his name), was very high ,and soon wanted to work with him for many very serious clothing manufacturers. For the labeling of their products, Bernard used the letter `G` - so customers who appreciate high quality, can be assured of the product. Very soon there was even a notion of `G- rubashka` and demand began to outstrip supply considerably. At Rose and Bernard had two sons - Marty (Marty) and Elliot (Elliot), and when after the end of World War II, they both returned home and joined the family business, it was decided to open his own label. So, in 1949, he was born a new brand - `GANT` of New Haven.

Shirts continued to enjoy great success. Especially valued are for his collar and buttons. By the way, the shirt on the buttons on the American market was introduced `GANT`, thus becoming a kind of legislator men`s fashion.

All the years of its existence, `GANT` different competent management and consistently high quality products. And extended range ,appeared innovations (such as the back button under the collar, so as not to tie shifted) .

`GANT` offers its collections and today, their shirts are widely known throughout the world, including in Russia. Decals this shirt is always the letter `G` in the corner of his breast pocket.

However, `GANT` today - it is not only men`s shirts,but also a lot of other clothes, which always has a tradition of high quality and sustained style.

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