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Derzhite eyes open man, you are about to get a real lesson today. " -. With these words, DJ Premier has repeatedly started their performances in clubs, when putting on the headphones, remained tete - a - tete with his favorite spinner The same phrase we begin the story of the legendary rap - duo Gang Starr,as part of which the past 10 years are the talented producer and arranger, DJ Premier, and not less gifted poet Guru (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal).

The story unleashed uncontrollable black music GANG STARR forever will be recorded as a white crow, intellectuals with literary taste and just niggers guys from Brooklyn ,making a rap saxophone sounds. If you have become accustomed to stories about rappers are based on concepts such as "violence", "blood", " band ", "drugs", " arms", " police ", "money", etc., you are in a hurry a little surprise, but rather to educate. Parallel with all this rabble, of course, will be, but get ready for a meeting with a beautiful, with a rap - tale. Once in Boston, it was a significant event. For the first time the position of judge was a black American of African descent Harry Elam family. Americans for a long time did not allow the legislature of color, and finally it happened. In 1962, the family judge Harry and his wife had a son librarian Barbara Keith. Do not ask him what he did as a child, because he grew up in a family where there were as many as four different ages of children, things, as you know, bought for growth (for a couple of sizes too big) and strictly handed down. Keith felt docile lamb that at one point he did not like the guy and rebelled. His sister went to their parents` footsteps and became a judge and teacher, elder brother to finish my studies, even professorial rank in the prestigious Stanford University. It was necessary to somehow spoil the overall picture, and then literally puke like what we were all right. And Kate has become a buzz, swear, reluctantly performed the request.He became actively seek quick earnings, discovered rap and, by the way, it had found salvation for his rebellious soul. With him were considered in the streets of his native Boston, he was at his board, so his songs were close to his many friends.

In 1983, after graduating from college "Morehouse" in MC Keithy E Atlanta,he himself recommended to dignify, migrated to New York, a city of great opportunities for talented people, and seriously engaged in music, rather than to manage the affairs of any company according to the received education. Kate also looked after other people`s children and worked as a postal clerk at the same time. Concluded unexpectedly contract with the independent label Wild Pitch Records, Kate has at its disposal a cozy studio and began to look for partners. One of the conditions for which the label has signed a contract with Keith, was the fact that he promptly pick up the team.So with him in the initial part of GANG STARR were his newly acquired friends from the street Damo D-Ski and DJ Wanna Be Down. Their early recordings, by the way, were reworked later in such " baldezhki " like "Bust A Move" and "The Lesson". But this lineup did not last long, and they all went their separate ways. Meanwhile, the president of Wild Pitch Records, Mr. Stu Fine interested in well -produced demo tape, which came to him in the mail from Texas from a young clerk, or another vendor in the music shop, introduced himself as Waxmaster C. That man was already mentioned in the story of DJ Premier,which is conceived as a Christopher Martin 5 years later Keith Elam. Chris was born in Brooklyn, but moved to Texas when he decided that he would study computer science in one of the University of Houston. Their meeting was scheduled for the period after Thanksgiving that Chris always spent with his parents in Brooklyn.For such a case, just in case Martin joked that soon he will fall down from the university, and even in a playful manner, said goodbye to his lecturer at the university and, as it turned out, was right. President Fain was with him very gracious and knowing that he had left there is another such freak rap, decided to introduce them.At the appointed hour, Kate and Chris were in the studio and. .. did not go out for four days !!! It turned out that they have very similar tastes and views of the good music. Chris had a huge music library, not just rap records and well- versed in many styles. Kate complemented him on all counts, with extensive experience of underground records. Thus was born a new and did not change the composition of GANG STARR.

For successful work on their debut album, they had all the conditions, but before Chris was supposed to settle the case with the study. For some time, their ideological communication is by phone ,that their parents came astronomical even by American standards invoice conversations between Houston and New York. They also exchanged by mail cassettes with written material. That was something.

Cream of their debut album "No More Mr. Nice Guy" were whipped in just 10 days, when Chris came to New York for the holidays. And he did not come back in Chris Martin and even Waxmaster C, and DJ Premier, as if to emphasize their natural ambition to be around the first and the best.

This work they have presented on the rap market a completely new combination of sounds and styles. They began to mix rap with jazz (!!!) . As the group gathered two completely different types ,strikingly complementary, this simply could not get anything dumbfounded. Chris and Kate not only impressed his associates are antagonistic, but also famous for telepathy. If the first came to photography in street clothes (jeans, T-shirt, baseball cap) , the second felt instinctively that he needed to excel,and he filled up the studio in strict suit with needles. At one point they were unanimous -both catastrophically late for a few hours, because they loved to sleep.

And they were both lucky to. Imagine a song written in 1989 ("Manifest" was called) , that even MTV has forgotten his old habit of twist only pop and rock ,and the whole world can see on the " box " Face the new rulers of hip-hop. Cheap fame? No, the hard way to the recognition, needed every musician.

Then they re lucky. Famous Negro director Spike Lee also led svezheprokruchennym hear their " manifesto "and he offered the musical director of his new film "Mo Better Blues" contact with newcomers and select one of their song for the soundtrack to the film. Branford Marsalizu, that same musical director and saxophonist in combination, the guys too much, and he offered them poprikalyvatsya style of Spike. Kate and Chris were to shift the excerpt from the poem LOTIS Eli about the history of jazz to hip-hop rhythm and show that they succeed, Spike. Thus arose the track "Jazz Thing", and " gangster rap and jazz " were the first friends, the maestro Lee. Due to the promotion of his film and, of course, the soundtrack to it GANG STARR and jazz rap gained invaluable service. They have become fashionable. They have regular fans.

Its success they have developed two short years later, when performed at the scene with a second album, which is called "Step In Arena". With a new album and more solid Chrisalis Records label our friends stepped triumphantly into intellectual rapHe filled his music a rich palette of wind instruments. However, the rappers were, they remained the same. The album contained a bunch reppovyh dies, but who did not expect to hear in a rap album excerpts from the famous musical "West Side Story", I think, much broken off. Although, in principle, on the need and cranks ,to break off ordinary people! The semantic load of this creation and premiere of Guru also had a few fresh moments. For example, while all the rappers did nothing that told the truth about life in the ghetto, the violence on the streets and crime in general, GANG STARR withdrawn teen listening to their records ,of stress and mood advised to look for themselves away from the ghetto (or create a new, more humane ghetto) . Based on the foregoing, we can confidently assume the second album of the band with their first meaningful wise creature, made ??exclusively for the people and not for money and personal satisfaction ,while their debut album - it is said Guru, a good demo, which found its audience.

There was a time when folks began to blame the lightness, softness and other feminine. But they called themselves GANG STARR! And still I had to go on about the listener. Fashion, nothing can be done. We wanted them to gangster album and received a "Daily Operation". Actually, it was not exactly gangsta rap, but rather Gangsta Gangsta jazz with elements of funk and hardcore reggae. DJ Premier and Guru again laughed at his haters. Digging in the treasury of world music ,they found the most stringent of the nicest and most high-profile of the quietest sounds massively beat on samples, since the 70s, and zabombit funky album disguised as gangsta rap. Not surprisingly, the army of fans has grown before our eyes. Once the deal was done ,followed by a phenomenal unprecedented statement Guru in the music public address that, no matter what sort of hardcore, oblique muzzle and on the covers of kilos of cocaine in his pockets, the 90s will be a decade of jazz (or "Jazz Thing").In defense of his statement he issued in 1993, terribly alternative jazz album "Jazzmatazz: Vol.1", putting their rap party in a live performance of specially invited young jazz talents, and started as if nothing had happened to write the fourth album for GANG STARR.

DJ Premier at that time was the coolest producer. This cheerful vunderniger laid his black paws on the creation of many relatively well-known rappers and even founded his own production company, Works Of Mart. He worked with a brilliant KRS-One, and with the new-fangled ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, and with the evil heaped DAS EFX.In 1994, in spite of all the rumors about the decay of GANG STARR back with her fourth album "Hard To Earn". Hey people, which disappeared from the jazz of their songs ? Very simply, they are tired of it (at the time, of course) . " Old school " rap roots characteristic handwriting premiere single samples and all. Do not indulge the listener ! Experiments - for crazy ,and we are already at 30 ! Rappers continued their psevdogangsterskuyu epostasiyu and given to the mercy of the crowd outside autobiographical album, for which, in fact, respected rap music.

The thread of life is cut off the group after the Guru realized his long-held ideas - founded GANG STARR FOUNDATION clanwhich included a long group of colleagues and young, as they say, their perspective shots destinations such as Jeru The Damaja, Big Shug, Little Dap, Felachi The Nutcracker. Sadly, however, we have been waiting for four years GANG STARR silent. Of course, DJ Premier produced right and left (Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Rakim, Jay-Z). Byl the draftComposed of members of the clan, named GROUP HOME, recorded their debut album "Livin `Proof". But everyone was waiting for news about the reunion GANG STARR.

The good news came earlier this year when it was announced that the fifth album "Moment Of Truth" group will spring Noo Trybe Records label. What happened!. . All of a sudden began to repeatThat now finally the first real rap record will be released in 1998. And the buzz is already worth to believe because it began with the ceremony of laying the gilded star with the group`s name in the " asphalt" Boston Fame.

Dimpomirovanny MC and poet, recognized beatmaker back again surprise the world. It seemed that there were these long years of silence. Gone was the monotony of everyday life, is heard again topical texts. And what witty comparisons ! And imagine, all this from the older rappers already ! Guys, where are we going ? No, youth is not the same ! But the old people, the old horse, does not return to the business, unless it has ascertained that the furrow will not spoil. The list of invited rappers super accurately. Two companions of the Wu-Tang Clan, the most famous representatives of the soul- and rap parties West Coast. This is a sure sign that the GANG STARR - still top class, the vanguard of rap. They had a lot of victories, whether "Just To Get A Rep", Mass Appeal "," Dwyck " or " Code Of The Streets ",but now it is time to select a new classic rap, which GANG STARR, I think, will go down with dignity into the next millennium. Their new songs are worthy of it and fully decode their logo, which symbolizes, to be precise, the knowledge gained to them on the street, intelligence, produced in schools and universities, and the spirit ,brought up for years of hard work for us with you.

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