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Fans skeytborda beer " Budweiser " and fans of Ted Nugent and "AC / DC", "Gang green" appeared on the Boston hardcore scene in the early 80s with the aim of becoming the fastest team in the world. He founded the team, Chris Doherty (guitar, vocals), taking his assistant Bill Manley (bass) and Mike Dean (drums) . The team quickly built up a cult of their punk - thrashy songs, quickly got to the famous collection of "This is Boston: Not L.A.". .. and just as quickly collapsed. A couple of years Docherty amused with other hardcore "Jerry`s kids",and also participated in other bands.

But in 1984, with the filing of Curtis, a representative of the indie label "Taang! Records" sign "Gang green" was revived. In the same year, "Taang!" released the single "Alcohol" / "Another wasted night". "Alcohol" The composition has proved so successful that later on it did cover themselves "Metallica".Gang green composition of the group was considerably updated - now the guitar and bass were responsible Stilfeny brothers, Chuck and Glen, respectively, and the drums beat gone from "Jerry`s kids" Brian Betsger. In 1985, they released their debut album, "Another wasted time", and "Gang green" traveled across the United States under the banner of " Budweiser "what further attracted the attention of American youth. Brothers Stilfeny soon left to organize a new project called "Mallet-head", and their places were taken by guitarist Fritz Erickson and bassist Joe Gittlmen. Meanwhile, the popularity of the team grew, and it became interested in the work of reputable labels. In 1987, the "Gang green" signed a contract with "Roadrunner records" and at the same time the band released the album "We`ll give it to you" and took place in the British tour company "Circle jerks". After the appearance of the next disc, "You got it" ranks " gangrene " left Gittlmen and for basuhu took Josh Papp of " D.r.i. " ,in which the band played as the opening act during a European tour.

Gang green album with a tricky name "I81B4U" was recorded with Papp that canwas read like "I ate one before you" (no doubt was influenced by "Van Halen", which issued "OU812" ("oh, you ate one too")). The culmination of the band began to record "Older. .. Budweiser" (another tricky name is read as "older, but wiser"). The tour in support was very successful, and the concert, which took place in well-known London "Marquee" was later released as an album "Can`t live without it". However, discord began soon with the label ,and the contract was lost, and after a little time, Doherty announced the dissolution of the "Gang green".

Epitaph group was a collection of the best things "King of bands", released on the "Roadrunner" in 1991. On the work of the Boston team remembered only in 1997, when "Taang!" It issued immediately for three compilation. And after five years, the company "Rhythm Vikar" released another compilation, entitled "The Taang years".

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