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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Place of birth : Brooklyn, United StatesCitizenship : United States

Biography`Gang Gang Dance` - American experimental music group, working in Manhattan, New York City (Manhattan, New York City).

It is known primarily for its distinctive sound, built on the active use of electronics and percussion and outstanding vocal talents of soloist groupsLizzie Bugatsos (Lizzi Bougatsos) The activity of traveling with concert tours all over the world ; released several albums.

Founded the band was in 2001, keyboardist Brian DeGraw (Brian DeGraw) and drummer Tim DeWitt (Tim DeWitt). For the first time DeGraw and DeWitt met once in 1993 ; together they worked in `The Cranium`. In 1998-the band released a rather unusual album, `A New Music for a New Kitchen`; on concert tour in support of Bryan and Tim met Lizzie Bugatsos, at that time sang in the New York group `Russia`. Soon the `The Cranium` disintegrated ; DeGraw and DeWitt moved to New York. Brian - along with guitarist Josh Diamond (Josh Diamond) - took part in the pilot project Harmony Korine (Harmony Korine) `SSAB Songs`.

At the beginning of zero Degraw, DeWitt and Diamond have created a group of `Death and Dying`; this team has lived long, but it is on its base was established after `Gang Gang Dance`. Besides Tim ,Brian and Josh in the original lineup included singer and Liz Bugatsos Neten Maddox (Nathan Maddox).

In August 2002, 25 -year-old Maddox was killed by lightning ; impact of elements found him on the roof of a Manhattan building - out musician admired raging storm. `Gang Gang Dance` - already four of us - got a record deal with ` The Social Registry`. It was under this label came out of their debut album `Revival of the Shittest`, EP` Hillulah` and second album, `God`s Money`. Above all, critics like Bugatsos and its rather unusual performance style.

IN 2007-m - all under the same logo `The Social Registry` - released disc ` Retina Riddim`; A year later he appeared in the sale of `Saint Dymphna` - which marked a major change in the sound of the group. Since then, the band began to make greater use of grime and work on a structured electronic combinations.

In August, 2008-second - a month before the release of `Saint Dymphna` - musicians took part in the project ` 88 Boadrum`; They entrusted the care of their ` bruklinskuyu` part of the concert.

July 22, 2009, the `Gang Gang Dance` noted a total solar eclipse on the concert is in Japanese waters Russian ship; They will be friends from `Boredoms`.

In 2010-m Group received royalties from the British band `Florence and the Machine`; `Gang Gang Dance` noticed that in the song ` Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) ` line of their own ` House Jam` was used. The leader caught in borrowing group, Florence Welch (Florence Welch) previously recognized in their love for creativity `GGD`;she later acknowledged that borrowing and agreed that the payment of royalties.

In 2010, the `Gang Gang Dance` signed a contract with the British label ` 4AD`. Recorded back in 2007, the EP `Kamakura` in 2010 was re - already under the label ` Latitudes`.

In 2011, the band released a new album, `Eye Contact`;adopted was quite warm - Internet publication called `Pitchfork` album one of the best discs of the year. Equally warm reviews the album received from the `New York Magazine` and ` The Guardian`.

In 2011, `Animal Collective` invited a group of ` Gang Gang Dance` the planned May festival `All Tomorrow`s Parties`.In the same year, the band performed at festivals in Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo), Australia (Australia), Utrecht (Utrecht), Mexico (Mexico), Los Angeles (Los Angeles) and Chicago (Chicago).

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