Galsan Gomboev

Picture of Galsan Gomboev

Date of Birth: 1822

Age: 41

Citizenship: Russia


The origin of the Buryat, was born in the Trans-Baikal region in the Selenga steppes presumably in 1822. From early childhood he studied with Buddhist monks, and eventually he received religious orders.

Gomboev quickly learn the Russian language, and since 1842 at the invitation of the University served as a teacher (the carrier) at the Department of Mongolian language Mongolian language Faculty of Oriental Studies of Kazan University at the beginning of the AO Kovalevsky.

In 1854 and 1856, together with the Eastern faculty moved to St. Petersburg.

His works on Mongolian literature Gomboev earned the respect of the Orientalists. His works were published in editions of the Imperial Archaeological Society, of which he was. So, in 1857 in the "Notes" of this society (that XIII) were printed "Notes on Ancient Mongolian customs and superstitions, described in Plano Carpini"; work has been translated into German: