Galina Polskih

Picture of Galina Polskih

Date of Birth: 11/27/1939

Age: 76

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

I love solitude

From the file `TG`: Born in Moscow on November 27, 1939 Graduated from the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (1964, workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova). Since 1964 - the actress Studio Theatre actor. The winner of the RSFSR State Prize. Vasilyev brothers (1978, for participation in the heroic epic `Front Without flangov`,` front line for fronta`). People`s Artist of the RSFSR. She starred in the films `Wild Dog Dingo`,` Once upon a time an old man with staruhoy`, Lestnitsa` `` Vanity suet`, Zhurnalist` `` Vernost`, `Love is russki`.

- Most memorable childhood memories?

- I was born in Moscow for half a year before the war began. In November 1941, his father was killed at the front, his mother fell ill with tuberculosis, and her work did not take. In 1947, she died. Grandmother raised me, and every penny spent on me. `You, importantly, Galya, uchis` - she often told me.

- So you decided to learn to actress ...

- Naively. It seemed to me that all the artists beautiful life. And I so wanted to help his grandmother.

- You learned from Gerasimov and Makarova?

- It was a gift of fate. I studied with Jeanne Prokhorenko Sergei Nikonenko Coley Hubenko, Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshin. All-everything - held. At the same time, I starred in my first film `Wild Dog Dingo`, played a 15-year-old Tanya, having a daughter eighteen months.

- And there was a fairy tale, after the first film ...

- No. This film I still do not perceive. I think there - I do not. But I think that I became an actress is not accidental. While playing, I fill the terrible emptiness in his life, living in an imaginary world.

- Galina, and is it true that the Shura Okaemovoy biography of the movie `Zhurnalist` very similar to yours?

- This role is simply debited to me. Hence the accuracy of the character. In each frame, I felt, where the truth, where there is no, and that was experienced in my life, I`m very pomoglo.- In place of the girls in your repertur came the wise woman, mature, a lot to see in my lifetime, but managed to maintain femininity and spiritual purity.

- Time is inexorable, there was life experience and professional, which allowed a deeper look into the generated images to see them not only what is on the surface. Life and then I was not very spoiled - my husband tragically died, the film director Faig Hasanov. He was an extraordinary man - clever, erudite, collecting rare records and books. Then my grandmother died, and I was left with two small children in their arms. I`m so close to the pain and suffering of many women. And yet, I am an optimist and I love gay people.

- They say that you met with the great Fellini?

- Together with a delegation of filmmakers, we were invited to visit him. That was my only meeting with him. He and his wife Giulietta Masina very warmly received us. When it came time to leave, Fellini, looking me, I started to say something to the translator. And then donated his photo. Translator told me that Fellini would like me snimat.Cherez month the director was supposed to come to Moscow, but it has not happened - he was seriously ill ...

- In your personal life did not there was a change?

- For me, I began to look after the son of a very famous person. I got into a secured family, but the situation of the house was oppressive to me, and a year later I left the family. Then Polish director Andrzej Piotrowski took me in the film `Road znaki`. I often ask him: `Why have invited me. After all, we have so many beautiful aktris`. He replied: `We needed an actress of ZHIZNI`.

- What do you give the strength to live?

- Yes, life itself. I love the solitude, the only state in which it is possible to preserve their human dignity and creative person. I go to the country, I love to dig in the ground. And I never lost the desire to get a good real role.