Galina Benislavskaya

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Citizenship: Russia


Galina Benislavsky Georgian mother, father - a Russified Frenchman Quarry names. She was born in 1897. Since childhood, brought up by his mother`s sister, Nina Polikarpovna teeth (by first husband last name), a doctor by profession, who adopted Halina, as its own mother was seriously ill person. Husband Nina Polikarpovna, also a doctor, Arthur Kazimirovich Benislavsky become the adoptive father of Gali and gave it his name. Galina She spent her childhood in the Latvian town of Rezekne. Galina Benislavsky studied at the grammar school in St. Petersburg and graduated in 1917 with a gold medal. According to her close friend Galina gymnasium under the influence of a friend and her parents, who were Bolsheviks, he joined the Party of the RSDLP (b) in May 1917. Soon, she had disagreements on political grounds with her foster parents, and it is in 1917, aspiring to independence, moved to Kharkov and came there on a natural faculty of the University.

After the occupation of Kharkov white Galina Benislavsky, hoping to get to the red headed towards the location of Soviet troops and was arrested on the way white. Sluchaynostspasla her from execution - when she was brought to the headquarters of the white, she unexpectedly met his adoptive father Benislavsky, who served as a doctor in a white army. He said that it was his daughter, and it was immediately released. Later, her foster father helped her on her request to move to the front line - he gave her a certificate of nurse Volunteer Army. However, this certificate she came under suspicion already red when reached them. Here it was rescued by a friend`s father, whom she soslas - telegram he confirmed that she was a member of the Bolshevik Party. Later, in Moscow on the recommendations of the human she began working in the Extraordinary Commission, Nikolai Krylenko. There, she worked from 1919 to 1923 years. In 1923, she went to work in the newspaper "The poor", where she worked as the executive secretary of the editorial board of its gymnasium friend, whose father had once helped her. The newspaper "The poor" Galina Benislavsky worked until his death.

In Moscow, GA Benislavsky frequented literary evenings and poets. On one of these evenings, September 19, 1920 she vpervyeuvidela Sergei Yesenin and heard his speech. At the end of 1920 in a cafe "Pegasus Stall" took their personal acquaintance. Soon GA Benislavsky entered the circle of close people Yesenin. Some time Yesenin lived with Benislavskoy. October 3, 1921 after meeting with Yesenin Isadora Duncan left the apartment Benislavskoy, causing it to hit the clinic of nervous diseases.

After returning from a trip abroad and bursting with Duncan Alexander Yesenin again settled in G.Benislavskoy at her apartment in Bryusov Lane, lived here and his sisters - Kate and Schur. The summer of 1925 before marrying SA Yesenin Tolstoy broke relations with GA Benislavskoy. It is hard going through it, was treated for a nervous breakdown at the time was away from Moscow. There was it in Moscow and Esenina during the funeral. In December 1926, she committed suicide at the grave at the cemetery Vagankovsky Esenina, leaving a note: "December 3, 1926. Suicides here, though I know that after that more dogs will hang on the Esenina ... But he and I do not care. In this grave all the most expensive for me .... "

The whole period of his five-year acquaintance with Yesenin G.Benislavskaya actively engaged in his literary works. She orders it was in talks with the editors, entered into contracts for the publication with them. A letter to the Esenina GA Benislavskoy with the instructions and all sorts of requests. Galina has focused on the organization of the material side of life Esenina. According to his friends Yesenin, in its relations with Yesenin Galina claimed to be the only friend. Literary tips that she often tried to give him, he usually just ignored. All this is according to friends of Sergei Yesenin troubled him, and eventually led him to break with her.

Later, in his memoirs about Yesenin, written in 1926, she wrote a lot about what, in her opinion, the face of the environment Esenina tried all sorts of ways to destroy their relationship, tear Esenina from it. She blames and Imagist and PV Oreshina Ganin AA and NA Klyuev, and AM Sakharov, and even the poet`s sister, Ekaterina. His memories of Sergei Yesenin Galina Benislavsky left unfinished.