Galina Belaya

Picture of Galina Belaya

Date of Birth: 10/19/1931

Age: 72

Citizenship: Russia

Since the Iron Curtain was breached

What paths lead to success? Why does one reach in life much, and the other goes the distance? Fate Galina White - proof that success in life - is primarily labor. Work inspired and joyful, not for a career. Careers for a career - is the vanity of vanities, says Galina White. Achieved its height - not an end in itself, but a logical consequence of labor. Heights of life Galina much. The scientist of world renown, the famous critic, the author of textbooks and on the history of Russian literature and journalism of the twentieth century programs of the famous book "Don Quixote of the 20s." Doctor of philological sciences, professor, founder of the historical-philological faculty of the Russian State Humanitarian University. Recently, the director created on the basis of the faculty of the Institute of Philology and History of Russian State Humanitarian University. And while Galina White - the embodiment of femininity and charm. Her whole appearance, communication style, and life brings nobility seal of wisdom and sincere attention to people. But it all started, like many. Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Lenin, then work in the school teacher of Russian language and literature. But I do not only teach, but to plunge into the atmosphere of modern Russian literature, to try his hand as a literary critic. She worked in the department of Soviet literature of the Institute of World Literature, for many years was a professor at the Department of Literary Criticism and Journalism Faculty of Journalism ... Galina Belaya like colleagues, students and friends. It was evident from the number of colors, which she gave to her jubilee and luxury giant - from fellow scientists, and modest bouquets - from students. Galina produced a response word, turned into an excellent lecture about the sixties.

Price apostasy

When 58-year history began with Pasternak, I was at a loss. At that time I was teaching at the Institute of Advanced Training of editors. My listeners were philologists, graduated from Moscow State University, who sought to purchase editorial skills. And when I had to read them a lecture about Pasternak, came the ban on any positive statement about it. I must say that I am not a heroic person, but I always had a desire to be a decent man. And I said thirty his students: "Come to my house, I`ll read you a lecture about Pasternak." And we have at this time was the repair, fingered floors ... But thirty people came, and in the ruin them I still read a lecture about Pasternak.

Soon it held a meeting in disgusting IMLI where Andrei Sinyavsky Donatovich decry forced Pasternak. It was known that he wrote an article about the poet, which was supposed to open that Pasternak in a large series of "Poet`s Library".

I knew that ideological campaign will grow, will come and the Writers` Union, and very excited, called Slutsky, which had recently made friends: "Boris Abramovich, we passed incriminating meeting where cursed Pasternak Probably, and you have it. will be". What do I Slutsky, very respected poet then, sign post-Stalin time for us, he said: "You know, we, the writers, distributed on different party organizations I am a member of a construction company, and I can not find.". The next day I heard that the Writers` Union will still be meeting. I called again and Slutsky said: "Boris Abramovich, maybe you go from Moscow to this day?". And he suddenly says: "I do not like to wash their dirty linen in public and in general I do not like his prose.". I was completely stunned, but did not realize that it was preparing to surrender. The next day, this "disaster personality," as it were, Joseph Brodsky, to realize said. Slutsky was at the meeting, spoke, said he loves the poetry of Pasternak, but he does not like his prose, and, in general, fit into the chorus of those who are cursed Pasternak. It was a disaster for us. In my youth I moralistka rigoristka and could no longer be friends with him. Many no longer give him a hand. He soon went to Ariadna Efron in Tarusa. They say, sitting on a bag, it is very crying and repenting. But this act led to its full potential to fall, and the human and poetic. Soon after his wife died. He fell ill with severe depression, left Moscow, he lived with his brother in Tula and died there. It was a blow for us.

"I Tertz Abram!"

Meanwhile, as time went on. In 1959, an article appeared overseas, "Socialist Realism", under the pseudonym of "Abram Tertz". I must say that the beginning is always blatnogo was Sinyavsky, and we could have guessed that it was his article, if they were smarter. But we do not come to mind that could still decide on the publication of the recent defeat Pasternak someone abroad.

One day, his office called us IMLI I.I.Anisimov director and said, "Look Abram third, he is among us The author - a professional man.". We laughed: "How ridiculous! .." In 1962, I defended my thesis and as lived far away, a banquet organized in his girlfriend Nina Pavlova. They all drank, and Sinyavsky, too. Gradually everyone went, he was left alone. But Nina was a large room of 54 meters, split column. Sinyavsky and ran around the column and shouted: "I Tertz Abram, Abram, I Tertz!". He so did not look like the person is printed abroad, and that we had not occurred, that this is true. We looked at each other with Nina ... And the next day I was approached by IMLI Donatovich Andrew and asked, "Well, where I have not really ... .. yesterday?" "No, - I said - it was . normally only reason you ran around the column and shouted: "I am Abraham Tertz I Abram Tertz!" and his fixed stare, the way he turned pale, I realized that he is Abram Tertz We`re Nina found. not peculiar to us restraint and never said nothing to anyone.

However, the plot develops, and in September 1965, Sinyavsky was arrested and tried in February 1966. A huge number of our employees, who loved him, loved when he sang bawdy songs, loved, when he spoke of the symbolism, spoke at a meeting of the sector, it is now condemned. It was terribly dramatic. After Sinyavsky at the time was the author of the remarkable critical articles published in the "New World." And see how disown him was terrible hard. At this time in "Pravda" was published a letter the best professors of philology of Moscow State University, including Bondi. They cursed Sinyavsky as they could. And then our department, Soviet literature of the Institute of World Literature Department, decided that he must also renounce Sinyavsky. And I got in my telegram Perov (phone we did not), to the hour of the day was the Institute. I still can not explain why at this meeting, I wore a black dress with lace - coquetry can not explain it. I can not explain why I was wearing a very long evening turquoise earrings and in addition took home the most chic thing at the time - turquoise woolen shawl my mother. Then the psychologists told me that, I would like to strengthen themselves. Everything was done intuitively.

I arrived at the Institute of World Literature. Empty. Along the corridor wandering one of our staff, very elegant, intelligent man, a music lover. I knew that he was somewhat of a coward. I said, "Are you one Where are the others?" - "They write letter against Sinyavsky at the party bureau." - "And you?" - "I`m not a Party member." - "And how many of us just are not members of the party for thirty people?" - "Three, even Lyudmila Klementevna, but she locked herself in the bathroom Said." I am a person weak and definitely something to sign, and then my brother Vladimir Kornilov will give me your hands, "So she stayed there, in the toilet, and nothing. not signed, why am I not lost respect for her. it took some time, my colleagues came out of the party bureau, and we have collected, read out a letter ...

... When the meeting was my turn, I said: "No, no, I can not sign: seven mines and five years` hard labor (Sinyavsky was sentenced to seven years in prison and five years of exile, but from where I took these mines. still I do not know). And anyway, I have not read his works. " Then they rejoiced: "Ah, you have not read Who can read?" "No, - I say - now is the time is very subjective, so I do not understand is better then I ever read.". At this time, out of the party bureau secretary. I say: "Look, I do not sign and do not advise you in a year, and we will be as ashamed as after the story with Pasternak Well it is impossible to sign..!" And they say: "All the same, we must do it!" And then I came to saving thought: "And why should we sign, rather than the management or scientific council?" All were delighted that they are in this business to involve someone else and will not be soiled ones. "We have to take a taxi and go round the members of the academic council," - I razduharilsya. "Yes Yes!" - They said, and we parted. I reached the machine, called those whose phones remembered that they hid, drove to the house and fell: I had a brain spasm. Some time later, I met with the Secretary of the party bureau, who told me: "You have broken our event!".

Again about Sinyavsky, or 20 years later

I am very sorry that after the trial of our connection with A.D.Sinyavskim broke off: first, he was in the camp, then - in exile ...

And then one day, it was in 1987, I was called by Dane-Slavist Marta Lisa Magnuson requested to advise it on the works of Rasputin. And I appointed her to a date in the cafe House of Writers, their homes, where often take tests. And the Dane asked me if I wanted to come to a conference in March 1988, which will be a meeting of Soviet writers of immigrant. No contact with the emigrants, we did not, and the thought struck me as just wild. But she went to the Union of Writers and took it in my paper confirmation advice that our delegation was invited to the conference ...

Some time later, I was asked: "Are you going to Denmark?" - "I do not know" - "But Natasha Ivanova says that coming." I went to the Writers Union. They told me: "What do you mean, what a meeting with the traitors?" I was not surprised - really, who let us meet people who bear a stigma?

On February 27, I heard again the same answer about the traitors, traitors, but in conclusion, told me: "You are going nowhere, but come tomorrow for the briefing." I come. Sit Dudincev, Natasha Ivanova, Fazil Iskander. Included Party secretary Verchenko, he sits down and says, "We inadvertently gave them a paper that will send you to a conference in Denmark, and they trumpeted across Europe you will have to go, but do not say that this is a meeting with immigrants say that it is Soviet... to Danish meeting. "

At twelve o`clock we received a passport. I came home and said to her husband: "I`m not going anywhere With Aksenov can not talk with Sinyavsky can not ...." However, this morning I was at the airport. All of us and join us Baklanov, Zassoursky were completely speechless, because they understood that all this is impossible. We were driven in a completely unnatural situation for us. There are friends that we can not say a word, because here on we will denunciations, and we will lose the job.

And so we arrived in Denmark. Ambassador Pastukhov told us: "Do not try to sit on the conference, see better city, shopping (money we were not given a dime) You each will have its own accompanying the machine.". And here we come to the conference in the Museum of Modern Art near Copenhagen in Louisiana. We walked in the same way as in "Verny Ruslan" were arrested, released to freedom, but retains operational. We go right and left our "accompanying". Suddenly a voice Sinyavsky`s wife: "Here it is, my joy, Galechka!" To me rushed reporters, cameras clicked. "All right" - I thought (then my husband asked me. "Well, and how long you were afraid" - "Minutes twelve and a half" - "! Many" - said the unhappy husband). "Sinyavsky - shouts his wife -. Why do not you come up to the Gal?" - "Maybe Galechka not want to ...". "What do you mean!" - I say, if I was a free woman, and he and I kiss and hug.

Then there was lunch. Emigrants boarded separately, we separately. No one said a word. Then I saw talking with Fazil Iskander Aksenov. I feel better. Later I learned that, despite the complete absence of my heroism, I happen to participate in the historic event, when it was first broken the iron curtain. Since then the relationship with the emigration began to be restored.