Gaetano Breshy

Picture of Gaetano Breshy

Date of Birth: 10/11/1869

Age: 31

Place of birth: Prato

Citizenship: Italy

Gaetano Brescia

Gaetano Brescia was born in Tuscany in a poor family. Like many at the time, he emigrated to America in search of a better life. By and large, he found it - Brescia family is quite settled and the town of Paterson, New Jersey, and he found a job at a textile factory. However, it so happened that it was Paterson was then the center of the Italian radicalism in America, in other words, the base had fled from Italy revolutionaries, and Gaetano succumbed to their influence. All his spare time and all their available money, albeit small, he gave the anarchist newspaper "social question", entrance to the Italian. It was designed by Italian immigrants tell about what is happening in their homeland and cultivate their readers noble anger against the government action of Gdansk.

It was to be angry at that. King Umberto first came to power in 1878, the end of the century, actually established a personal dictatorship in the country. He unfolded a relentless campaign of reaction against all the so-called "Revolutionary elements", which, of course, and were all manifestations of freedom of thought and civic consciousness. The Italians, for all its long history, battered by the authorities and not the same for the time being tolerated. Patience is exhausted in 1898. Then the country had a poor harvest and the farmers on the brink of starvation. Trying to draw attention to the plight of people from across the country gathered together, and went to Milan, where at that time there was a king. Send him a petition asking for help. It does not like? The story was similar. First Umberto just ordered the petitioners to go home. When they did not obey, he gave orders to the army to ensure that the demonstrations were not in Milan. It is known as the army carries out such orders.

The message about the shooting demonstrators in Milan to Brescia was a cold shower. And when he learned that the general, who led this operation Varvarka, received the Order, Gaetano patience snapped and he sailed to Italy. To kill the king. It is noteworthy that the money for the journey he took in hand the newspaper, no one is not saying what he wanted them. Arriving home, our anarchist very quickly able to implement his plan. Caught once nearby Umberto during his royal visit to the same Milan, a revolutionary monarch issued a three bullets at close range. The King, who had a track record already two attempts, it did not survive. Brescia was arrested, sentenced to life in prison in the prison of Santo Stefano on the island of Ventotene, where he died less than a year later. Prison authorities claimed that he committed suicide. It can be ...