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The history of this group began with an introduction to the owner of the bookstore "Peace Eye Bookstore" Ed Sanders and Tuli beatnik poet Kapferberga. At first, the guys have a common interest in literature, then they began to write songs together and, finally, with the participation of drummer Ken Weaver organized a folk-rock band "The Fugs".The name for the group proposed Tooley, borrow it from Norman Mailer `s novel " The Naked and the Dead". After a while, the composition has expanded to include former members "Holy Modal Rounders" Steve Weber and Peter Stempfela, and in this form in February 1965 the team started the first concert. Often speaking on "Fugs" superintending director of movies and actor Harry Smith, in his time who produced the collection "The Anthology of American Folk Music", made ??by him for "Folkways Records".

Smith persuaded the owner`s "Folkways" Mo Ashe release plate liked the team to him, and in April 1965 the band embarked on sessions. The band also appeared more often in the New York clubs, and at the end of the year held its first national tour, held as part of a protest against the Vietnam War.

Fugs debut album for the general public go unnoticed ,but the text of "The Fugs" with a sharp political satire became an occasion for special attention to the musicians by the police and the FBI. In early 1966, the team signed a contract with the company "ESP Disk" and began recording a second album. By the time the composition has undergone significant changes, and now the company Sanders ,Kapferbergu and Weaver were guitarists Vinnie Leary and Pete Kearney, keyboardist Lee Crabtree and bassist John Anderson. Skill musicians has grown considerably, and for the sessions they treated more responsibly, so, despite its sharp social orientation (or maybe because of it, too) , the album broke into the US Top 100. The band`s popularity continued to grow despite the ongoing reshuffle, strange relationship with the label and frequent assaults FBI. "The Fugs" successfully performed in the company of "Animals", "Country Joe and the Fish" and Janis Joplin, and signed a contract with "Atlantic Records" by the end of 1966 - th.

Fugs Whatever it was ,but when the material for the new album was ready, representatives of the " Atlantic " terminated the deal. However, the musician is not very upset - they presented their creation to Frank Sinatra and soon signed to his label "Reprise Records". Under the new roof "The Fugs" released a few records ,but already in 1969 they were forced to curtail their activities. The fact that the group has continued to adhere to the political satire, and because of this, on the one hand was under the hood at the FBI, and the other received threats from right-wing radicals. Working in such an environment was becoming more and more difficult ,therefore, having played their last concert in the company of "Grateful Dead", the team announced the dissolution.

Since then, 15 years have passed, before Sanders and Kapferberg decided to revive the project. Weaver refused to participate in the reunion, and the new members of the group became guitarist Steve Taylor ,Coby Batty percussionist and bassist Mark Cramer (later he was replaced by Scott Petito) . With regard to the reunification of "The Fugs" we conducted a full-scale tour, and in the mid-80s even released a couple of fresh studiynikov (including anti-war opera "Star Peace"). In subsequent years he continued to perform, but it worked very irregularly.

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