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Year of birth : 1987

Age: 28 years

Place of birth : Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States


"Fugazi" have become famous not only for its uncompromising stance, disregard for the major label ,concerts no more than five dollars and no more than ten disks, but mostly because of his music. Formed this hardcore - team in 1987 and for some time there was a trio format : Ian McKay (guitar, vocals), Joe Lolli (bass) and Brendan Canty (drums) .

However, even before the first public performances in the group has another guitarist ,Guy Pitstsiotto. The experience of the musicians already had. So, Pitstsiotto and Canty had previously played in "Rites of spring", McKay while he was a member of "Teen idles" and "Minor threat" and was the founder of the label "Dischord".

With practice in concert activities, at the end of 1988, "Fugazi" self-titled debut released the EP, containing composition "Suggestion",which became the most famous team song. This release was followed by another EP, "Margin walker", published later, along with its predecessor on one CD called " 13 songs".

FugaziPervaya same of the full-length work, "Repeater", came out in 1990. Although the bulk of the album was recognized by listeners " classic "many still doubted the relatively young team. Their doubts were dispelled with the emergence of "Steady Diet of Nothing", made ??in a shaped arrangements. released the album "In On The Killtaker" Two years later, at which sound markedly increased aggression, and political correctness poumenshilos. By this time, "Fugazi" has achieved considerable popularity, thanks to his emotional performances. viewers especially liked the fact that Guy got up on stage Pitstsiotto.

Concert halls getting bigger accordingly became more and unmanaged wild audience. However, McKay associates tried to control the crowd. Sometimes they had to interrupt the song, and then Yang offered the most frostbitten return the money, as long as they left the concert.

FugaziPo as touring musicians matured "Fugazi", as well as their records were becoming more sporadic. "Red medicine", which appeared in 1995, reflected the desire of the group though kakthen expand the genre and her craving to experiment with sound. On this album, the musicians managed to mix hardcore with psychedelics. These ideas were developed in the next release. "End hits" came only after three years, because all this time McKay has been downloaded about their business on the label. Following the appearance of the album "Fugazi" resumed touring, and (also released on the CD " soundtrack to it) in 1999 pleased the fans edition video " Instrument ". The work contains live footage, interviews, recording sessions and rehearsals. The next studio album, entitled "The argument" was born in 2001 and was followed by a maxi - single "Furniture". Recently, more and more musicians paid attention to its activities outside the "Fugazi". McKay and Pitstsiotto engaged in producing other teams, and the example of Joe Jan founded his own label "Tolotta".

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