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The prototype of this Southern California group appeared in 1987 under the name "Virulence". Initially, the team, consisting at that time of Ken Pucci (vocals), Scott Hill (guitar), Greg MakKohi (Bass), and Ruben Romano (drums), sliced ?? hardcore in the spirit of "Black Flag" and "Bl`ast".

After the release of the first album and the single "If This Isn`t a Dream. .." Pucci gave way to Glen Chivensu, and the band`s name was changed to "Fu Manchu". In 1990, on "Slap-a-Ham Records" released their debut single,"Kept Between Trees". It sounds much like a work of "Virulence", but soon began to drift team did not like this trend towards the hard rock of the 70 `s. Greg, and he was gone, passing basuhu Mark Ebshiru.

Somewhere in this time, for unknown reasons, he left the team Chivens. Taking advantage of the moment,he assumed the Hill also vocal duties as well as compensation of the lead guitarist Scott Voto was introduced. With this companion "Fu Manchu" recorded three singles, Voto then gave way to the former drummer "Olivelawn" Eddie Glass.

Fu ManchuMezhdu fact, during this period the band managed to find their own sound,combining heavy riffs and psychedelic mood. The magazine "Rolling Stone" described the sound "fumanchistov": "super heavy and bass happy Detroit rock` n` roll is totally deep-fried, fuzzed out, window breakin`, pot sellin`, sleepin-in-the-van, skater metal ". By 1994 ,the team began to be interested in major record companies and one of the "majors" has allocated money for the musicians recorded a demo test. However, "Fu Manchu" decided not sprayed, and not to conclude the contract, and have used their allotted studio time for the preparation of this album."No One Rides For Free" was published by a small independent label "Bong Load Custom", which came out the second full-length, "Daredevil".

In the interval between the appearance of these plates has left his post Mark Ebshir and bass turned to Brad Davies. In 1996, the team signed up for "Mammoth Records",which debuted with the work "In Search Of. ..". This album was the last to Glass and Romano as part of "Fu Manchu".

Fu Manchu Both musicians joined his former colleague Ebshiru and arranged with him power trio "Nebula". Freed same job "FM" occupied the former drummer "Kyuss" Brant Bjork and guitarist Bob Balch,who debuted on the disc "The Action Is Go". By this time, the team has managed to earn a good concert reputation, since she had to come up with such orchestras as "Kyuss", "Monster Magnet", "Marilyn Manson", "White Zombie", "Melvins", "Clutch" and "Corrosion of Conformity". In 1998 ,the company "Elastic" released a compilation of early material "Return To Earth 91-93". Besides, the composition "Fu Manchu" included in the collection "Burn One Up!" and "Music from the X-Games Volume 3 ".

At the turn of the millennium there were also three program works, "Eatin` Dust", "King Of The Road" and "California Crossing". They were greeted warmly enough ,that did not prevent the Brant Bjork to announce his departure from the group and the beginning of his solo career.

Place of shock went to the ex - participant "Sunshine" Scott Reeder, whose name appeared on the first official live album "Fu Manchu" "Go For It. .. Live"!.

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Fu Manchu photo
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