Picture of Frye

Birthday : 3/10/1863, the

Age: 153 years

Citizenship : United States

Sesquicentennial history of footwear "Frye"

The company `Frye`, one of the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States ,It was founded by the famous English shoemaker John A. Frye (John A. Frye). His small shop on Elm Street in Marlborough, Massachusetts (Marlboro, Massachusetts), opened its doors on March 10, 1863 -th.

Shoemaker has set itself the task to facilitate the lives of hundreds of factory workers ,workers in the sweat of the benefit of a small town in New England (New England), and has always defended the interests of the working class, supporting their families and communities. Mr. Fry led the brand `Frye` almost 50 years, and after his death in 1911, his family continued to stand at the helm of the company until 1945. brand shoes `Frye` has a long and fascinating history. Boots worn by the troops `Frye` Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Those boots were wearing on soldiers during the Spanish- American War, including Teddy Roosevelt (Teddy Roosevelt), and under his command ` dashing vsadnikah`. When the spirit of colonization swept New England (New England), adventurous families began to move to the West. Many of these pioneers preferred during long journeys to go to Fry`s boots.

Option leather boots with straps, `Harness Boot`, reflect American traditions and developed together with the US cavalry. Today `Harness Boot` takes pride of place in American culture. Special demand boots are not only in America but also in Europe (Europe) and Japan (Japan).

During a trip to Washington, DC (Washington, DC), the grandson of John, his namesake, met with Admiral of the US Navy, who complainedthat has long been unable to find anything like that would be consistent with his favorite style of Wellington. Then the grandson of Admiral Fry agreed to make a pair of boots. He continued to execute orders throughout the Second World War. The company `Frye` delivered excellent soldiers thousand pairs of shoes, boots known as the ` Jet Boots`.The model traveled with the soldiers during the war around the world ; even General D. S. Patton (George Smith Patton) got a pair.

In 1960 the company `Frye` re-launched its model ` Campus Boot`, only slightly different from the original 1860. A distinctive feature of the model became an impressive toe and stable heel - everythingthat embodied the styles of the 1960s and 1970s. When educational Smithsonian Institution (Smithsonian Institute) began the search for a subject that would best represent the America of the 1960s, the choice fell on the shoes of the brand `Frye`.

Nearly 150 years old brand `Frye` remains true to its heritage and American classical style ,not forgetting about the quality of production and the fashion component. The stated once Mr. Fry on Elm Street the problem still remains the most important mission of the company `Frye`. The product line includes boots, shoes and designer handbags, luxury leather and different methods of manufacture.

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