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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of Birth : Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship : United StatesHow to start a indie -folk

`Fruit Bats` Group was among the first indie - folk band America, and their songs, good-natured acoustic ballads, were exemplary for dozens of other bands and artists.

`Fruit Bats` - American indie - folk and indie rock band formed in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois), and at the beginning of 2000-x has become one of the first participants in the indie -folk movement in America. In late 2013, the band, which released five solo albums and played countless gigs in America and Europe, announced their breakup.

It is hardly possible to assume that in the early 2000s, the popularity of the classic rock music would be in jeopardy ,emanating from such a style of indie rock. Even the name of the style - indie - has said that the music played by amateurs, and therefore it would be logical to assume that their preference, students will still give rock musicians who have for decades collected stadiums and record albums ,stretching from the shelves in the millions. But the opposite happened : on the stage gradually began to appear young musicians playing soft music, which, in addition to rock - influenced folk music of the last century ,and - at least in this, no one believed - once ` nezavisimaya` music was able to win the hearts of millions of listeners and critics worldwide.

`Fruit Bats` Group was founded in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois, and was a side project of Eric D. Johnson (Eric D. Johnson), which is most of the time dedicated staff ` I Rowboat`. In 2000 ,along with two other members of the `I Rowboat`, he seriously took up work on the ` Fruit Bats`, and several months later, at the beginning of 2001, released the album `Echolocation`, who became a full-fledged start of the group on the independent American scene. Soon the band went on tour with popular at the time `Modest Mouse` and ` The Shins`.The second album - `Mouthfuls` - the band released in 2003, the year with a slightly renewed composition and interesting sound, a lot like a modern indie -folk.

A significant event in the life of the group was a contract with the label `Sub Pop` in 2002, the year - on this label was released ` Mouthfuls` and all subsequent albums. Interesting,that after some time the band decided to move to Seattle (Seattle), where the indie -folk scene was presented much wider than in windy Chicago. The first work in the new place was the album `Spelled in Bones`, who continued folk sound of the group`s first -` Echolocation`.After the exit of the plate for the group began the hard times : the part of musicians dispersed to other teams, and the Eric decided that the only solution may be a sabbatical ended only in 2008, the year.

Fourth album - `The Ruminant Band` - was perhaps the most popular for all the years of existence on the stage. Speaking about the reasons for the success of Johnson admitted that he had during the recording plate have seen that the new work turns more interesting previous works. ` I used to always put myself some standards and frameworks, - he said in an interview with ` Reverb Magazine`, - and now the songs were recorded as if of their own accord, without any effort. And it passed on to other members and gruppy`.

His latest album `Tripper` the band released in 2011 year, but the work was not particularly popular with the public. Over the next two years, the band gave a few concerts, but most of the time, Eric spent on the game in the other groups. His announcement of the group disintegration, made in 2013, the year ,although it did not become news for the fans, but clearly marked the completion of the band`s career that his work helped to create and execute an indie -folk.

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