Friedrich Eduard Beneke

Picture of Friedrich Eduard Beneke

Date of Birth: 02/17/1798

Age: 56

Place of birth: Berlin

Citizenship: Germany


Beneke, Friedrich Eduard (Beneke, Friedrich Eduard) (1798-1854), a German psychologist and philosopher. Born in Berlin on February 17, 1798, he was educated in Berlin and the University of Halle. He studied theology under the guidance of Schleiermacher, then he turned to philosophy, focusing on English, as well as the ideas of Schopenhauer, Vries, Jacobi. In 1832 he was appointed extraordinary professor of philosophy at the University of Berlin. Benecke criticized the theory of innate ideas and abilities, and believed that all philosophy must be based on empirical psychology. Among his major works - Psychological sketches (Psychologische Skizzen, Bd 1-2, 1825-1827.), Applied Psychology (Pragmatische Psychologie, 1832), The New Psychology (Die Neue Psychologie, 1845). Estimated date of death between March (when he disappeared) and July 1854 (when his body was found).