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Year of birth : 2008

Age: 7 years

Place of Birth : Queens, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Music New York streets

`Freelance Whales` - American indie rock and indie folk band, founded in 2008, the year in Queens County, New York (Queens, New York). To date, the band released two studio albums, five singles and gave the show a huge amount as in America ,and far beyond its borders.

Over a relatively short by the standards of the music industry while the guys from `Freelance Whales` managed to earn a huge fan base and release several successful records, well-received by critics and listeners. However, the story of their success begins to sound even more significant when one remembersthat made their way to the very top of the indie -folk scene scenes musicians from the town`s bars, where every evening playing novyegruppy, many of which are created and die without receiving even a minute of fame. Speaking about the name of the group, the band members claim that it has an echo of their beloved city : ` Everything in New York or something freelancerssomething like that. Even we, if you look, were freelancers when playing in the subway and on the street, not even hope that our music will once populyarnoy`.

Today `Freelane Whales` are among the most popular indie rock and indie folk groups of the United States, they are often performed at major American festivals ,as well as pleasing to tour their foreign students. Most of the time the band performed in New York, where, despite its popularity, is still often appear in small bars and clubs.

Group `Freelance Whales` was born in 2008 year

.when her future frontman Judah Dadon (Judah Dadone) together with friends and guest musicians decided to give a new start to his ` ulichnomu` project. In the first months after the creation of the band continued to give live performances on the streets of New York, at times interrupting city tour performances in clubs and bars. Understanding the growing competition in the indie -folk scene, the musicians have paid special vnianie musical style and unusual set of instruments, which, as it turned out later, and won the hearts of American audiences. Many critics and music bloggers noticed that the band`s style is similar to the sound of `Arcade Fire`, but, oddly enough ,Do not copy it, and further developed ; set of tools and folk sound of the band a lot compared with the work of Stevens Sufyan (Sufjan Stevens

), The popular American indie folk musician.

Debut album - `Weathervanes` - the band released in 2009, the year. The album was recorded by musicians alone ,and after signing the contract with the label `Mom + Pop Music` in 2010, it was reissued. In general, the album was a success among the audience, but critics did not immediately determine its verdict : the publication of `Entertainment Weekly` Albom evaluated to assess 5, and at the same time, journalists ` Pitchfork Media` have rated 4.2 out of 10 ;Online `Metacritic` album received a rating of 68 %, based on the assessments of 18 experts.

In September of 2010, Twitter micro-blogging platform has chosen popular song `Generator ^ First Floor` for his new movie about the new user services. The same composition was voiced in a number of other reklamnyrolikov and even the soundtrack of the popular show `Chuck` on NBC. Another group song, `Location`, heard in the movie ` Summer. Classmates. Lyubov` (LOL) by the main character of the film.

October 9, 2012, the year the band presented their second studio album - `Diluvia`.The new work is introduced tighter sound, which, however, has not lost his playfulness. This growth is largely skzala on estimates : `Paste` magazine gave the album 7.5 out of 10, and ` Under The Gun Review` at all pleased with the musicians almost perfect 9.5 and 10. After the success of the album `Diluvia` group once again traveled with tours in America. as well as the first foreign fans pleased visits. As is known, to date, the musicians are working on their third album, however, information about the album release date yet.

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