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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Place of Birth : West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Citizenship : United States

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Back in 1970x young man by the name of the designer Dick Hein (Dick Hayne), opened in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), a shop, which gave the name `Free People`. This shop immediately won the hearts of the local youth, to seek the opportunity to express their independence through clothes.

When shopping at Dick became two ,he changed the name of the `Free People` on ` Urban Outfitters`. It was not long before Meg (Meg), wife of Dick, has decided to open its own branch `Urban Outfitters`. Her project has been so successful that her husband had agreed to help Meg establish wholesale production.

So, in 1984 the brand was reborn `Free People`,specialist in the manufacture of women`s clothing, accessories, bags and shoes. At first it was a simple online store. With the expansion, the company `Free People` were not limited to computer networks and has opened several stores in the real world. The first trading point earned in 2002, the mall `Westfield Garden State Plaza` in Paramus, NewJersey (Paramus, New Jersey).

Retail and wholesale trade of `Free People` - is more than 30 stores in the United States (USA) and three large salon which has successfully established contacts with more than 1,500 specialist boutiques and department stores worldwide. In recent years, the relationship with department stores have become more modest ,but this did not prevent the company `Free People` continue a successful business with sharks such as ` Nordstrom` and `Bloomingdales`.

The changes were made and the product catalog. Brand `Free People`, once famous for its line in a fantastic spirit and dress in Victorian and Gothic, in May of 2009, switched to a simpler ,but at the same time, more popular style. Today the brand `Free People` will continue to be guided directly to its core customer - carefree, confident and curious young woman, which attracts a wide range of clothing, fashion accessories and home furnishings.

Products `Free People` born not only in the US ,but also in India (India) and China (China). After a review of its history, the company `Free People` currently known for the use of flora and fauna as leitmotifs of its lines.

In 2011, in one of the advertising company `Free People` participated Russian model Sasha Pivovarova.

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