Frederik Cook

Picture of Frederik Cook

Date of Birth: 04/21/1908

Age: 108

Citizenship: Germany


Cook was born on June 10, 1865 on a small farm near Kallikuna, on the Delaware River. He came from a family of German immigrants (his real name Koch), his father came from Hannover in 1850. In order to be able to attend the Faculty of Medicine at Columbia University, Cook had to earn money posting milk.

Interest in the study of the Arctic Cook emerged by chance. After reading classified Peary in "Brooklyn Standard Union" on the recruitment of volunteers to the expedition and Severogrenlandskuyu book Elisha Kane of the Arctic, which, incidentally, prompted to do research and Peary in Greenland, responded to the invitation.

Reviews of Peary of Cook in the early years of their collaboration, as well as other reputable sources give reason to think that Cook was a perfect example of Arctic explorer. After a campaign in Greenland Frederick Cook returned to medical practice in Brooklyn. At the urging of friends, he decided to write an article about his ethnographic studies, and he had to request permission Pirie, since it was associated with it certain obligations. Peary refused. Cook immediately resigned from the expedition. Ways of their split.

Cook made two short sightseeing expedition to the coast of Greenland. Then in 1897-1899 he participated in the Belgian marine expedition in the high southern latitudes. The expedition was also involved young Norwegian navigator Roald Amundsen, the future famed polar explorer. But he let Dr. Cook saved and strength and will to live. They hunted penguins, seals, ate fresh meat. Unfortunately, the head of the expedition, not only refused to myself on unfamiliar food, but also banned the team it is. As a result, all sick with scurvy. Head of the expedition and the captain fell ill, and even wrote a will. Expedition Guide transferred to the Amundsen, and they are with Dr. Cook almost by force of arms made up the most healthy and all - every day there are fresh meat. During the first week people began to noticeably improve.

At the end of the expedition Cook, one of the participants nebelgiyskogo origin, he was awarded the Belgian Order of Leopold.

Transferred deprivation have not reduced interest in Cook`s polar regions. In 1906, he was the first ever climbed to the highest peak of North America - Mount McKinley in central Alaska.

Cook, as well as Robert Peary, set out to conquer the North Pole. In August 1907 he arrived by sea in a small village on the shore of Smith Sound, Greenland. The pole of Dr. Cook`s expedition was born without any fuss. A certain rich athlete John R. Bradley just wanted to hunt in the North. He gave the money, Cook organized the hunting expedition, not flaunting their future intentions. Cook had intended to go to the pole with two companions-Eskimos, with two sledges and 26 dogs.

The expedition was organized by the Cook no worse than the Peary expedition, perhaps, even more elaborately.

Cook pole plan was designed for the full mobilization of human resources. No frills, the food as much as you need to in order to survive.

At the end of winter in 1908 at the head of the 11 people on sleds pulled by dogs, Cook headed west across Ellesmere Island and Axel Heiberg Island, organizing them intermediate food warehouses. March 16, 1908 with two Inuit on two sledges pulled by dogs, he spoke to the north.

At the end of March, when Cook was approximately 85