Frederik Bolkesteyn

Picture of Frederik Bolkesteyn

Place of birth: Amsterdam

Nationality: Netherlands


The first time Frederick Bolkesteyn, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Taxation, drew the attention of the European public when rigidly attacked Turkey wishes to become a member of the European Union. "Europe will be Islamized," - he said at Leiden University. The second time the representative of the Netherlands shocked evropeytsevsvoim bill, dubbed the "Bolkesteyna directive." This document provides for the liberalization of the services market caused a strong protest to the left forces and trade unions in the countries where the expected influx of labor from Eastern Europe. For this bill Bolkesteyna nicknamed "the gravedigger of the welfare state."

Born in Amsterdam in 1933. During the war his father was deported by the Nazis, and 4 years later he returned to Holland quite ill. The son did his best to succeed in life. List of universities who graduated Bolkesteyn impressive - Oregon State College (USA), University of Leiden, London and Amsterdam. He has degrees in mathematics, economics, philosophy and ancient Greek language. But in 1960 he left the scientific sphere, when he was offered a high position in the oil company "Royal Dutch / Shell." In 1999 he was appointed to the European Commission. Who is writing a book about the influence of intellectuals on world politics. An avid theater-goer.