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So began `epoha` hour in the history of` Nina Ricci` 7 years ago - that`s when the brand was sold to the Spanish group `Puig`. The Spaniards had already had time to become masters of a number of luxury brands - like `Paco Rabanne`,` Carolina Herrera`. Very soon, `Puig` found use for his new purchases - they had to engage in trading hours. Produce precise mechanisms were the true masters of their craft - the representatives of the Swiss company `Time Avenue`; under the label `Nina Ricci` products should be distributed. Especially under the new project we developed a special marketing strategy and special design. Cooperation `Time Avenue` and` Nina Ricci` continues to this day - the first produced watches, the second - well they sell.

I had time to watch the line `Nina Ricci` settle in Russia - and quite hard. Generally, `Nina Ricci` prefer to capture new markets slowly, methodically. By selecting a certain reference point, `NR` organizes the sale there; tasted success, sellers gradually expand the coverage area, capturing more and more of the neighboring regions. Based in Russia, `Nina Ricci` started looking towards Kazakhstan and Ukraine,` pokoriv` Arab Emirates - towards Qatar and Kuwait.

The Russian market for `Nina Ricci` at the moment is extremely important - along with the markets of Japan, France, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, he is one of the key. Every year the number of Russians who choose dovolno-taki expensive models, only grows; apparently, in the foreseeable future, this trend is unlikely to change. It should be understood that the already quite incredible for the price of clock `Nina Ricci` produces - at the price of their models range from 500 to 1,500 euros, by the standards of modern watchmaking business is not so expensive.

Update the range of products sold `Nina Ricci` on average 2-3 times a year. The newest fashion trends master companies do not shun, but the spirit of the company, no fashion trends will not make them forget. Classic, truly French, elegant and incredibly feminine - these adjectives that best describe the company`s products `Nina Ricci`. The word `zhenstvennye` mentioned not by chance - in the collection` Nina Ricci` is that only one male model. On the men`s line is not out of the question - the company`s management prefers to concentrate on one segment and has no plans to further disperse its sily.ak mentioned above, the price of clock from `Nina Ricci` varies from 500 to 1,500 euros; I must say that the average price of watches has grown substantially in recent years. One reason for this was the increased love of buyers for diamonds - diamond watches are adorned with greater and greater success. Over the past three years, the percentage of such `` diamond watches has increased almost six times - and this is not the limit. Luxury watch - gold-plated, diamonds or other precious stones - fly off the shelves like hot cakes (as far as the comparison is generally applicable to the elite hours). In all of this watch from `Nina Ricci` suitable not only for inspirational evening receptions - designers of the company have made every effort to watch them equally well suited to tuxedos and dresses to jeans.