Freddie Glenn

Picture of Freddie Glenn

Date of Birth: 06/01/1957

Age: 59

Citizenship: United States


Together with his accomplice Michael Corbett (Michael Corbett) Glenn was convicted of the murder of three people in 1975. Criminal couple in total, is responsible for the deaths of 5 near Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs). The most famous victim was killed by Glenn Karen Grammer (Karen Grammer), the younger sister of actor Kelsey Grammer (Kelsey Grammer).

The killings began June 19, 1975-th, when Glenn, a civilian employee at Fort Carson, soldiers Corbett et al. Soldiers attacked the 29-year-old chef Daniel Van Lon (Daniel Van Lone), just finished work at the `Four Seasons`. They took it away and forced to lie on the ground. He begged them: `Please do not kill me. Please do not kill menya`. However, Corbett shot him in the head. Trinity criminals to profit from this 50 cents.

After 8 days of Freddie and Michael met with the 19-year-old Winfred Proffitt (Winfred Proffitt), another soldier from Fort Carson, on Lake Avenue Lake (Prospect Lake), ostensibly to sell him marijuana. Corbett, who knew how to handle a bayonet thrust in Proffitt edged weapon to see what happens.

Duet murderers made their last - and loudest - the murder on July 1, 1975. Glenn Corbett and two other men conspired to rob the restaurant `Red Lobster`. They left the restaurant without a cent in his pocket, but the road was seized 18-year-old Karen Grammer, who was waiting for her boyfriend after work. Criminals believed that a girl can lay them. After robbing a grocery store with a hostage they arrived at the apartment, which was repeatedly raped her. They promised to take her home, and then sat in the car, put a rag on her head and dumped on South Wahsatch Avenue.

Glenn, who, according to court testimony, at that time, took LSD, struck Karen stabbed in the neck, arm and back, and left her to die. She ran toward the back door of the neighboring house, where there was light, but the homeowner was not there. There`s Karen and died, leaving bloody handprints and finger in an attempt to ring the bell to call for help. In the photos the police captured a bloody print on the wall, just inches from the door. Police week could not establish the identity of the victim, while her younger brother, actor Kelsey Grammer, the future star of sitcoms Chirs` `(` Cheers`) and Freyzer` `(` Frasier`), did not come to identify the body.

Glenn was convicted in 1976 for the murder of Van Lon, Proffitt and Grammer. Hardman Judge Hunter (Hunter Hardeman), noting that `happened simply nothing opravdat`, Glenn sentenced to the gas chamber for killing Grammer. But the Colorado Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in the state in 2 years.

At the time of conviction, Glenn got a legal right to parole. However, in 2006 he gave up the rights to the first hearing to take part in some prison programs that would, according to its attached curator Matt Sylvia (Matt Sylvia), could increase the chances of his release. The fact is that in 1985, the offender faced a disciplinary punishment in prison, having to get involved in dealing with the smuggling. However, neither the supervisor nor the representative of the correctional department did not provide detailed information about the smuggling took place.

July 27 2009, Glenn was denied parole, after it was heard by a written statement Kelsey Grammer, who called prestupnika`myasnikom` and `chudovischem`. There were also heard other relatives of the victims and detectives, insists that Glenn remained behind bars. Grammer had planned to personally attend the hearing at the state prison in Limon (Limon), about 90 miles southeast of Denver (Denver), but due to a flight delay due to rain in the International Kennedy Airport in New York (Kennedy International Airport, New York) was forced to miss your flight.

Grammer, in his statement said that his sister graduated from high school the year before and after the semester in college has decided to take a timeout. Grammer said she moved to Colorado Springs because of a guy who she liked. He continued: `It was a smart, good and decent. She wrote poetry ... We could laugh for hours ... I was supposed to protect her - I could not. It nearly destroyed me ... When we heard that this person can be paroled, the suffering began zanovo`.

Glenn at the hearing, said: `I will forgive sorry for my part in that so badly. I sincerely and truly raskaivayus`. The next time the right to parole, he will receive in 2014.