Fransua Guise

Picture of Fransua Guise

Date of Birth: 02/24/1519

Age: 44

Place of Birth: Bar-le-Duc

Citizenship: France


In 1547 he received a title of Duke d`Omalya, King Henry II appointed him chief Trappers and first chamberlain. He shared the king`s favor with the constable de Montmorency Annom. In 1550 Francois inherited the duchy of Guise, and soon became the Prince de Joinville. In 1552 he led the defense of Metz against the troops of Charles V and forced them to retreat with the loss in 30000. In 1554 Guise again defeated the imperial army at Rente. In 1557 as a consequence of the intrigues of Montmorency, Guise was expelled from Paris and was appointed commander of the army in Italy. Having covered themselves with glory, acting against the Spanish army, Guise led the successful capture of the English port of Calais 6 January 1558 - the last bastion of the English in France. The new king Francis II took Montmorency and appointed a new chief constable and governor of Giza, who shared his power with his brother, Cardinal Charles of Lorraine. Bourbons, as the first princes of the blood, proclaimed himself king advisers, but their influence was negligible. Their leader, Antoine de Bourbon, had one goal - to return to Navarre, captured by the Spaniards. Teaming up with his brother, the Prince of Conde, he decided to throw Guise. The Duke of Guise was appointed governor-general of the kingdom in 1560 and had the task to subtract from the Huguenots. His ruthlessness and cruelty caused hatred of the inhabitants. When Charles IX major figure in France was the Queen Catherine. Appointed himself regent, Queen restored the family Montmorency. The sharp rise of the Bourbons, the leaders of the Huguenots made to reconcile old enemies - Guise and Montmorency. In March 1561, together with Jacques d`Albonom Marshal de Saint-Andre triumvirate they have made. As a result, on December 19 in the Battle of Dreux Huguenots were defeated. But Montmorency captured and Saint-Andre was killed. After the fall of Conde, who was captured by the Catholics, Huguenot leader Admiral Coligny became. In the camp, the Catholic position is also changed - after the departure of Montmorency and Guise Albona became the commander of the royal army. Guise decided to start the siege of Orleans, but in February 1563, was mortally wounded by a fanatic assassin. Giza were so afraid of the Spaniards, that called him Grand Kapteyn de Guise. Duke was married to Anna Este (1531-1607), daughter of the Duke of Ferrara and Renee de France, the granddaughter of King Louis XII, by whom he had six sons and a daughter. Anna first Coligny accused of murdering her husband. She soon married James of Savoy (1583)