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Citizenship: France


Boissy d`Angla Francois-Antoine (1756 - 1826) - French politician and publicist. Elected to the States-General of the Third Estate. He was procurator-general in the department of Ardennes. As a deputy of the Convention, he voted against the execution of the king. Considered one of the leaders of the "Marsh". During the Thermidorian coup contributed to the fall of Robespierre. After 9 Thermidor - a member of the Public Safety Committee, he led the food supply of Paris. Considered one of the culprits of hunger, during the uprising of 1 Prairial was nearly killed by a mob broke into the Convent. Boissy d`Angla - keynote speaker of the draft constitution in 1795, defended the need to introduce a guarantee of property rights and the property qualification for voters. "You have to finally ensure the property. In a country ruled by the owners, is in the social order, and the country where run by people with no property, located in a primitive state ..." Member of the Council of Five Hundred, was elected its president. After the coup of 18 Fructidor, 1797 accused of complicity with the monarchists, sentenced to exile, but escaped to England. In the Consulate of Napoleon he returned to France and was appointed a member of the Tribunate, then a senator, with the title of Count. After the fall of Napoleon, under Louis XVIII - French peer, member of the Academy. Even if the Bourbons remained a supporter of freedom of the press and the jury.